Creating Opportunities From Social Media – Josh Ordonez

Episode 12 – Josh Ordonez / Social Media Expert

Listen to this conversation with Josh Ordonez packed with actionable and practical tips.

Learn exactly how Josh used Instagram DMs to network with A players and land work with Gary Vaynerchuk, Big Baller Brand and the Ball family, NBA teams, etc.

Podcast episode & show notes below!

Show notes:

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Ismail Humet: Welcome to The Bound to Be Rich podcast, where I attempt to reverse engineer people who seem to be successful, no matter the circumstances, so that you can apply those lessons to your own life. I’m your host, is Meed. In this episode, we are joined by Josh Ordonez social media marketing expert. As a 22 year old, Josh is already handled social media directly for Gary Vanerchuk, Lonzo Ball, and the entire Ball, family, NBA teams, and more.

How does he get such high profile work? Josh gets into the weeds and reveals exactly how he did it, who he reached out to, how he reached out, and what he said. I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation because it’s packed with incredibly practical and actionable tips. Let’s dive in.

[00:01:00] Josh, thanks so much for taking the time to come on a show, man. I appreciate it. 

Josh Ordonez: Absolutely, bro. Thanks for having me, man. I’m really excited to be on here. 

Ismail Humet: I’m excited. Uh, but for people who don’t know you, I guess to set it up, how would you describe 

Backstory of Josh Ordonez

Ismail Humet: what you do? Cause it seems like you do a lot of different things, but how would you describe it?

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, so just to niche it down, nice and simple. Uh, I have a love and passion for social media marketing, and that branches out into various different things, including like content creation, uh, including, uh, influencer marketing, uh, Facebook and Instagram ads. But, uh, just to make it nice and simple, social media marketing is my, uh, love, passion.

Ismail Humet: So before we get into that topic, obviously you’re like an expert in this field and there’s a lot of wisdom you can share there, but I saw, I was kind of going through your Instagram and I saw a post that you put recently about your high school counselor told you not to bother applying for college. And Yes.

A whole bunch of stuff that you wrote there. I kind of related to that, not because they told me not to apply, but like they have other motives where [00:02:00] I guess they’re graded by how many people get into their first choice or whatever. So like I remember them saying, Hey, you can’t get into this school.

Don’t even bother applying. Um, Wow. So I’m curious to hear from you, like why you have your cancer telling you not to even bother applying. Sure. What, what about you makes you just do it anyway? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, so pretty much, uh, sh I couldn’t apply because my grade, uh, my year required me to take Algebra two and I never took it.

So the highest math I took in high school was like geometry, right? and she was like, Yeah, in order to get a four year into a four year university, you need to have algebra two for your grade. And I’m like, like, are you sure? Like, I need it. Because like one of my friends, like is almost in the exact same boat as me.

She applied, she got into a, a university and I was like, I was like, Can I, can’t I just still apply? And she was like, Nah, they’re not gonna look at you. It’s gonna be a waste of time. I was [00:03:00] like, Oh, okay. So, uh, yeah, I did go to, uh, community college for one semester. Right. And, uh, I don’t know about New York Community College, but here in Cali Community College, it is like an absolute shit show.

And, uh, you almost can’t get classes. And if you do get classes, um, they’re all over the place. You’ll, your schedule will be like everywhere. You’ll, you’ll come to class at night, you’ll come to class at the break of dawn. You’ll have like eight hour gaps in between your classes. Like, it’s just ridiculous.

And so my attitude around community college was terrible. I failed every class when I first went my first semester besides business 1 0 1, right? And so, um, I took that as a sign that maybe I should get into business, right? And my first business attempt was with this company called New York Life. You’ve heard of them, right?

Oh, no. 

Ismail Humet: Oh, oh, yeah. I know where 

Josh Ordonez: this is going. . Yeah. So, so I, uh, I got [00:04:00] licensed to be like a life insurance guy. Um, really, because I had a mentor at the time who, who straight up told me like, Hey, like I’ll hand you business. I’ll give you all my referrals. Like when I retire my whole book of business, I’ll just hand it to you.

Right? And, uh, when I got licensed, he like completely ghosted me, . He, he, he still was like money hungry and he, he was a very, uh, successful guy within New York Life, right? Um, and so I was like, I just hated trying to learn insurance and all these policies, like there’s a place for them, but it just wasn’t for me.

So I kind of like took the hit of, damn, I suck at college. Damn, now I suck at business. So I was like, what if I’d try college again? And I had, I, uh, applied to a university, which was California Baptist University. Uh, they’re like one of the top private Christian universities here in California. Um, pretty cool.

And I got in and I was like, Okay, now I could have like an actual schedule. There’s actually classes available. Um, and so my attitude around college was like, Okay, maybe I could give this a real shot [00:05:00] now. Um, and I, you know, I got like all ass and Bs. So it’s like, what the heck? Like, why were they telling me not to apply?

Like, it, it really, it really came down to my attitude like of do I want to do good in community college? The reality was like, not really, but then like when I got into a university, I was like, Oh, this is a bit more serious, so therefore I’m gonna take it more seriously. And it was all just like really my decision.

I decided that I wanted to be, you know, academically smart as well as like street and business smart, which came a little later, right. 

Ismail Humet: Yeah, that’s a lot of interesting things that you, you went into that. Cause I have a lot of friends, like older friends that have children, uh, they’re not doing well in school and they’re always like, Hey, how do I get them to take it more seriously?

So to me it’s just interesting that some people, they’re just not into school all through their life, through high school. Uh, yeah. But

College education 

Ismail Humet: somehow for some of them in college it shifts. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. So I don’t know why I even had a, a shift mid high school. So, so I remember in high school, I don’t know if they, they tell you that out there in New York, I’m sure they do, but they basically [00:06:00] say sophomore and junior year are the most important years and that’s the years that, uh, colleges look at.

So they told me that. Right. And so I was like, okay, bet. So like my junior year I got like a 3.8 gpa and then every other semester after that I got like really subpar grades. Cause I just didn’t care. 

Ismail Humet: So you, you could obviously do it right? You just, Yeah. It sounds like you have to care about something to really 

Josh Ordonez: put your effort into it.

Exactly. Yeah. It really has to be like, , you know? Yeah. Something I want. Exactly. Inter 

Ismail Humet: The other interesting thing is that, um, like, I know I tell my friends too, they’ve had similar situations where, Oh, my counselor tells me I can’t get in or don’t even bother. Similar stories. Yeah. And to me, in life, I’m sure you agree with this, just judging based on what you’ve done, I don’t like to let people reject me.

Right. Let, let me try. And if I fail, I fail. Like, don’t a lot of people reject themselves before there’s even anything that happens like, Oh, I can never get in. I’m not gonna do it. I can never start this business. I’m not gonna even bother. Right. And you fail with, I’d even [00:07:00] trying, aren’t you? Just try and if you fail, okay, 

Josh Ordonez: go on to the next thing.

Yeah. That, that’s the thing that Gary says. He says, uh, I’d rather die on my own sword than die on someone else’s sword. Like, you know, create your own path. And if you fail at your own path, like at least it was on your own accordance. Right? Versus like someone else’s path or someone else’s, uh, doubt. You know, doubt yourself, like doubting yourself and failing from that.

That might not even happen because like when you’re at that position of like you’re on your own or you’re really doing something you love, like, you know, because you love it, you’re gonna push through. So it’s like inevitably you won’t even end up at the sword because you’ll just keep pushing through.

Ismail Humet: Right? Yeah, totally agree. It’s like, uh, you can’t get into Harvard, don’t even bother applying. Why, why don’t you let Harvard reject me? Like, who are you to reject me? Let’s see if Harvard rejects me and if they do, Okay. Um, the other thing that was like a coincidence is that you mentioned New York Life. I actually had a family friend that went into it, similar high [00:08:00] hopes, and I, I don’t know exactly what happened, but horrible experience.

So for me, I always had the view in my mind that I was kind of like a, not a scam, but like a very hard feel to succeed in. I think that people make money off the people they bring in. Like the guy that brought you in probably gets a piece of your book of business. I, I don’t really know too much about it, but it seems like something that’s really, really difficult unless you’re a salesperson.

Josh Ordonez: Wait, you’re talking about college recruitment? 

New York life sales experience 

Ismail Humet: I’m talking about the, the New York Life 

Josh Ordonez: sales. Oh, oh yeah. Yeah, bro. That was, that was like, I think I was like, I just turned 18. So like, I honestly don’t remember much about that. But no, I, I think he, it is like some sort of recruitment process, like kind of like low key pyramid scheme type, but like somehow they make it work.

They’ve been around since like 1800 or something like that. They’re a Fortune 500 company. 

Ismail Humet: Yeah. What about, um, I think you mentioned in the post that you tried various business models, Like you took a break from college and you tried a few, You mentioned that New York Life, What else did you try? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, so New York Life was, I took a break from college to [00:09:00] try that, and then all the other businesses were all, while I was in university, I just tried to do them on the side as well.

So I tried to become like a Forex trader as well. , uh, and then I also tried Amazon fba. 

Ismail Humet: Oh man, we’ve got similar back stories. Okay. Go, go 

Josh Ordonez: on for real. Yeah, Amazon fba. And then I think that may have been it. Yeah. And then, and then social media marketing. I actually like fell into it. I didn’t really like put an effort into like, becoming that.

I kind of like, I chose marketing as my major and uh, and one day I go after class, uh, to my marketing professor and I’m like, Hey professor, what do you think is up and rising in the like, marketing world? And his response was, uh, marketing or, or so sorry, social media marketing. Right. Um, he, he was like, Yeah, for example, like my business, um, my professor has like a side business as well.

He’s like my business, like, we’re really trying to get some social media done. [00:10:00] And I was like, uh, can I do your social media? Like I have a decent Instagram page. And he was like, Okay, sure. And so like my, my marketing professor was like, funny enough, my first, uh, social media marketing client, it was, it was.

Pretty funny how that played out. 

Ismail Humet: That’s an awesome story. Like you, you went to school and you turned the school into your, your client . 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. Yeah. I, I just asked and he was just like, Sure, why not? 

Ismail Humet: All right. There’s, there’s a lot to get into there. But before we get into that, the social media side, um, 

Trading in Forex & Amazon FBA.

Ismail Humet: you mentioned the trading and the fourex Yes.

And the theba. I’m assuming that didn’t work, uh, that while ago. Correct. What happened Just quickly, uh, on each of them. Cause I tried, I’ve tried, I didn’t try four X, but I still trade and I tried FBA as well. So I’m curious to hear what happened with you. Yeah. 

Josh Ordonez: So four x I will never, ever, ever, ever be looking at charts like that, ever.

And any type of, I, I’m not a day trader, I cannot do that. I would literally rather die. Like I did not wanna be looking at [00:11:00] charts and doing the like, Okay. You’re about to have Simon on the podcast. Yeah. He has that like talent to like look at charts, do the, you know, fundamental analysis, do the, like whatever, Fibe, nachi, crap.

Like, there’s so many like, uh, kind of like indicators to like decide if it’s a good trade. Simon has that. I cannot have that. I tried so hard. I paid like multiple different courses. It was just like a death. It felt like I was dying trying to learn that it was terrible. I, I just, for me, you know, I can’t do that personally.

And then with Amazon fba, that one is a bit of a funny story too. Do you know who Kevin David is? 

Ismail Humet: I 

Josh Ordonez: don’t think so, no. Okay. So do you, do you follow the account Baller Busters? 

Ismail Humet: Uh, I am not 

Josh Ordonez: familiar. Okay. Last question. Have you heard of coffee Zillow? 

Ismail Humet: I have heard of them. I don’t know too much about 

Josh Ordonez: them though.

Okay. Let me, [00:12:00] let me briefly. Okay, so this guy, Kevin David, um, he has, he has a, a lot of courses around his courses on how to make money. Right. He has one around Amazon fba, Right? Um, very wealthy guy, Lambos Mansions. Um, he’s like a course guru is what I call them. Okay. And, um, I bought a course from him, which was a thousand bucks.

He actually convinced me to put, put the course and the Amazon FBA on a credit card. I had like zero money at the time. So he convinced me to open a credit card, put it all on there. Yeah. Like this was very naive, very like, now I’ve learned from this mistake, right? So he told me to just put it on a credit card, um, you know, take the risk, bro, like you got this right?

And so I buy this course. As I’m watching his course, I’m like, Wait a minute, I’ve seen all of this [00:13:00] content already. So the exact course that I purchased from this guy is on free on his YouTube channel, and I , I, um, I recognized it because I watched all his YouTube channel, or all his Amazon FBA related YouTube shows before I bought the course because I was like, you know, if I’m gonna buy a course, let me get all the free stuff first, right?

And I was like, Dude, this course is for free on his YouTube, and I already watched it. All right? And so I was like, You know what? I’m gonna get a refund on this course, right? And, uh, it was within like the 30 day refund policy. And I say, Hey man, like, could I get a refund? Like it’s within your policy. He blocks me on every, everything, Snapchat, Instagram, everything.

Right? And it 

Ismail Humet: wasn’t until, until this Millionaire Baller has all the time in the world to block you in every social media platform. . 

Josh Ordonez: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. He, he has a team dedicated to. Basically neglecting refunds. They have a whole system on how to [00:14:00] to yeah, to stop refunds. So they basically, um, they, they have it super hidden in like the terms in PO terms, in conditions that say like, in order for you to get a refund, you actually have to go purchase an Amazon FBA product and have it sent to the fulfillment centers at Amazon, just to show that you’ve put in the effort.

And then from there, if you still wanna refund, and if it’s within the 30 days, then you could get a refund. But it’s probably, they probably still have another like backdoor scheme to like, stop that. So basically, uh, that was my Amazon FBA attempt. They didn’t really get much really far. Um, and I even realized that I don’t even think you can purchase a product on Amazon FBA through a credit card.

So I was like, done. Right. I didn’t have any money for like a whole product. You. Yeah, 

Ismail Humet: I mean I’ve also booked courses about different things and I’m like, there are good ones out there. What’s 

Josh Ordonez: a course you would recommend? 

Ismail Humet: Look, I actually like this guy. I dunno if you know where Meet Satie. [00:15:00] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

So he, he has this book called I Will Teach You To Be Rich. It’s about personal finance and investing. Okay. Um, so I followed him a lot and then I ended up, after following him for a long time, buying some of his courses and he’s got courses on like copywriting. Okay. Starting an online business. They’re not cheap, but I mean, I thought it was valuable.

So I like learning. Um, I learned a lot from them and he’s like a respectable, reputable person, so he’s not, There’s a lot of people what I’m, I’m trying to get, there’s a lot of people like this guy that you mentioned that are like Lambos and pushing you and egging you on and trying to just basically take money from you.

And like this guy me, he says, If you have credit card debt, don’t buy my course. Like, he won’t let you buy his course. So there’s people out there that are more reputable. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. The polar opposite for what my guy was saying. . 

Ismail Humet: Yeah. I, I tried fba, um, it, it was going well for a while. Really? I, I was buying stuff on Alibaba and selling them on Amazon and on eBay.

Mm. I liked fba cuz they do it all for you. Right. You just send it to Amazon. They just take care of it all for you. [00:16:00] But Sure. My house turn it to like a fulfillment, sun ride boxes everywhere is really getting cramped. And, and then I’ve talked about this on my other show where the products I was buying without me knowing were counterfeit products from Alibaba.

Wow. So I got, I got hit with like a cease desist letter and it was just, and I was like, I’m not doing this anymore. This is just too much work. Yeah. And so I stopped. Darn. 

How did you meet Simon of NetCon?

Ismail Humet: How do you know Simon, 

Josh Ordonez: by the way? Yeah. So I know Simon through his, uh, event Net Con. Have you heard of the first one? 

Ismail Humet: Yeah, the first one that 

Josh Ordonez: he did in New York.

I, I’ve gone to like all of them, um, besides the very, very first one. So there’s been like four or something like that. And I’ve gone to all of ’em. Um, yeah, I met him because, uh, oh yeah. So this guy at Anthony with an extra y at the end, he’s also worked for Gary. Uh, he has like a bunch of like, uh, media pages with like millions and millions of followers.

Um, so him, he was basically saying like, Oh, I’m giving out a free [00:17:00] ticket to this event, Net Con, it’s being hosted at the Hamptons at the Glass Mansion. Have you heard of it? Yeah. Nice place. Yeah. So I was like, Oh, that’s dope. Wait, what was that 

Ismail Humet: I was saying in nice 

Josh Ordonez: place? Yeah. Yeah. So Net Con was at this glass mansion and uh, Anthony was like, Yeah, I’m giving out like a ticket.

And then I forgot how you enter. I think he just comment on his post or something like that. And then he was like, Hey bro, you won. And I was like, Oh, sweet. So I go to the event, I meet Simon, Simon lets me crash at this class, Mansion for free for the whole weekend. And that was like one of the nicest things Simon’s ever done, um, because.

Like that, that was, it’s an expensive venue, you know? Um, and so I just, I just got a lot of respect for Simon. Um, you know, he let me crash at that, that mansion for free. And yeah, we just became friends and not like ever since then, like, uh, yeah, he’s, he’s someone that I look up to. He’s younger than me.

He’s like 20, I think 21 maybe. And, uh, this dude grinds and he has like a [00:18:00] crazy work ethic. He does like a. The dopamine detox where he like gets rid of all social media for like a, like a few days. And I’m like, Dude, I could never, Well, like quite literally, I could never, cuz I’m on these, these platforms.

That’s your job. Yeah, exactly. I need these platforms. Right. But, uh, yeah man, Simon’s a great, great dude. I can’t wait for to hear that podcast too. 

Ismail Humet: Yeah, I’m looking forward to diving into with him cause he seems like he’s done a lot of different things. It’s, it’s a coincidence that you went to his event, like randomly, like the world works in mysterious ways, like Sure.

You connect with people just through luck it seems and the, the world seems small. 

Josh Ordonez: Um, Yeah, no, yeah, just so Simon has connected a lot of people through the net con thing. Like I think quite literally from the net con thing. I’ve like met content creators and I’ve like brokered content gigs for these guys.

And I think quite literally going to that event returned like a $2,000 investment. Uh, no, sorry, was like a ROI of [00:19:00] $2,000. Um, because like through the meeting, the people like, I’ve been able to broker like content deals with these guys and like it’s made, it’s made like a lot of money, you know? So yeah, it’s cool.

Like going, also going to, those type of events are super cool, like once C’S gone and stuff, like those are fun, bro. Like those are like, like the, you can meet so many cool people, some long term friendships, like for real. 

Ismail Humet: That’s what I was just talking to my wife last night. I’m like, Oh, I got, I got an interview tomorrow and I’m lining all these interviews up and I told her I kind of miss the pre covid.

Like that’s what I miss the most meeting instead of just recording or audio with Josh or Simon, whatever, meeting these people going out to dinner and like actually forming relationships. It’s easier in person. Right, Right. Especially with people that are grinding and doing stuff. So yeah, I really missed that part.

And you get that at these 

Josh Ordonez: event. Well, at the same token here, um, this audio thing, like you could scale this ridiculously bro, like you, like you could have guests on at the comfort of their home, like how I am right [00:20:00] now. So at the same token, in person might even be like, like let’s say you wanna grow this podcast like ridiculously, you know, in person does have a awesome element to it.

Um, you know, video content. But if you’re sticking to audio only, dude, this, this digital landscape of like, you know, being at your house is amazing cuz like, you could probably, you could probably, if you grow this to a good, good level, you could probably get like a grant card on your podcast pretty quickly, bro.

Because of how convenient 

Ismail Humet: it is. Yeah, you’re totally right. It’s definitely a easier ask. Like, I don’t have to fly you somewhere, Go somewhere meet, like that takes a lot of effort. But getting on a phone call is a very small ask. Yeah. And it’s surprisingly so we’ll get into social media next because the power of social media is wild.

Like I connected with like an, I, I interviewed an NBA player who trades like I’ve met crazy people. John Ta Porter. He’s Michael Porter, Junior’s brother from the nineties. Oh, oh, cool. So yeah, he hasn’t played in the NBA yet cuz he’s injured, but he is on the grizzlies. [00:21:00] Hey, that’s 

Josh Ordonez: dope. That’s 

Ismail Humet: dope. Yeah. I see that you’ve done some work with, with, uh, I think the Utah Jazz and some teams, but to me it’s like wow, that you can just connect with people so easily on social media.

Yeah. Um, I’m not a pro at social. I’m trying to learn. I’m really probably very lacking at that. So I’m, I’m looking forward to diving into this next with you. Um, but you said you got your professor as your first client, right? Mm-hmm. . And then I see, obviously for people who don’t know yet, you, you have, uh, you’ve done work with Gary V mm-hmm.

big ball brand, Lonzo Ball, his father, and I assume the whole family. Yeah. You, you, you’ve got this incredible client list, right? How do you do that? Because you talked about, oh, the trading was so hard for you, uh, and you kind of just fell into social media and it’s easy and it works. So people out there are doing the same thing.

Getting Clients for Social media.

Ismail Humet: They’re banging their head against the wall trying to make stuff happen that aren’t working . But if you find the right thing, it seems like it’s easy and just kind of falls into your lap. I guess talk to me a little about how you [00:22:00] got into it and how it kind of kept the ball 

Josh Ordonez: rolling. Yeah. So, um, I, so while I was doing, uh, my marketing professor, social media, um, I think within like a month of like working with my marketing professor is when I got the internship with Big Baller brand

So it was like pretty, pretty big leap in like the clientele and like the. People. But, um, and, and did you just get that, 

Ismail Humet: like just through an application or how’d you get that? 

Josh Ordonez: Nah, so, so I’ll get into that. So basically, um, Gary V has this, uh, content series around, uh, Instagram networking, how to network on Instagram via Instagram dms.

Right? So basically, uh, we DMed the announcer of the Junior Basketball Association League, which was the league around Lamella and Jello Ball at the time, right? So we announced the announcer of the league, or we dmd the announcer of the league, and we offered to do free video [00:23:00] production for the league.

And when I’m saying we, it’s, um, my dad, he’s a computer software engineer, but on the side he has like this awesome passion and love for um, like high end video production green screens. Like the cameras are like really, really like, Cameras that go over your shoulder type cameras, like the movie production type cameras.

So he has like a little like production company, um, that he, he kind of just does on the side. And so we offered to, uh, do free video production for the league, uh, for their media day. Right. And like I come home one day and my dad’s on the phone with someone and he’s like, Oh, okay. So like, are you going to Lava’s Mansion now?

Right? And I was like, Dad, like, who the hell are you on the phone with? He’s like, Hey, like we got a content gig with, uh, the Big Baller brand, right? And, uh, we go out and when I go out to, uh, to help him out, I’m just filming. I’m just holding a camera, like filming Lamella, um, having like a script out for lame to read and stuff.

And, um, the director of business [00:24:00] development comes up to me and she’s like, Hey, um, your dad told me that you study marketing. I’m like, Yeah, yeah, I’m in marketing right now. Like I, that’s why I go, That’s what I’m going to school for right now. And she was like, Hey, like, I really liked What was on your Instagram story today?

She’s like, We need that type of behind the scenes story, Instagram story footage. Wow. As this league progresses, she’s like, Do you want a job? And I was like, Oh yeah. Like absolutely right. Wow. And so, yeah, so like that was like the, the re the reach is, and the, like, the strategy is you offer value to someone over Instagram, DM someone you wanna work with.

Right. Make it like a no lose situation. Give them way more leverage than you need. And like, with zero expectation, like I did not go there thinking I was gonna sign, or I was gonna get like a new like, social media opportunity at zero. Right. And we go out there, we, we delivered, um, you know, they actually Big Baller brand hired my dad’s production company to do some more, um, [00:25:00] video production.

And throughout that time I was a social media internship for the whole summer for, uh, Big Baller brand. Right. So, um, yeah, like that was kind of like the launch. That was like a big leap in my career. And then once I got like Big Baller brand on my resume, I just kept rinsing, repeating that strategy of the Instagram networking.

So that’s actually how I got to Gary too, was I DMed not Gary, but uh, the co-owner of Empathy Wines 

Ismail Humet: used his own tactic 

Josh Ordonez: against him. Exactly. . 

Ismail Humet: And it worked. It worked. Yeah. But before we get into to the Gary, I’m so that’s an awesome story. There’s a lot of things to like, take away from that, but just a simple question.

Role of luck in your success.

Ismail Humet: Do you think you got lucky? 

Josh Ordonez: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. There’s, there’s a, there’s an element to luck because, because let’s say I went right and I was just, I, I hate social media, so I never used it. Right? I never posted and I never, [00:26:00] Well, like there’s a lot, there’s a lot of, uh, uh, things that like attributed to like.

That right one. I like talking to people. So while I was there I was like, Hey, let’s all, let’s all connect on Instagram. You guys like, Oh yeah, let’s do it. Right? And while we’re at lunch, she just so happens the director of business development, she just so happens to be scrolling on my Instagram and she’s like, Whoa, this is toe, like we want this, Like, let’s do this more often.

Right? But, but yeah, there is an element to luck, like how, how would, how would I have ever known that? Like, that could work like the Instagram networking strategy, but uh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. It’s 

Ismail Humet: just like, to me, the fact that you, you already were creating content. So like, I think the people like myself and even other people I know, I don’t have time for social media.

It’s too much work. Yeah. And they don’t use it. They don’t put it, but because you were already doing it, uh, Yeah. You don’t know who’s watching. Right. So that one moment, someone looked at it, that can give you an opportunity. Yeah. But if you never put it up there, uh, they’d never see that. And the opportunity would never present [00:27:00] itself.

Yeah. Yeah. And 

Josh Ordonez: even the same thing with my professor. Right. Like when I asked them, Hey, can I do your social media? I showed him my Instagram, I was like, look, like pretty decent. Right? Like, nothing crazy, but like, I’ll probably do a better job than what you’re currently doing. Right. 

Ismail Humet: Oh, that’s such a great point.

Right, Exactly. Yeah. You don’t have to be the best, You just gotta be better than what they’re doing right now, which is probably nothing. Yeah. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. That’s to get in the foot, in the door. But to like maintain that, that’s where like you really have to like deliver. Right. So like, fast forward today, like Yeah.

I, I am pretty, you know, good at Facebook and Instagram ads, right? Like I could make. You’re best performing post on Instagram tomorrow. Right. If you give the opportunity to like, so it’s to get in the foot in the door. Yeah. Like, that was completely luck. But like to maintain and like continue, that was, you know, that was persistence.

And, uh, but, but really, like I fell in love with social media marketing, that that’s how I just kept getting better and better at it because I just loved it. Like, and to this day, like, I still love it. And, you know, I’m just continuing to scale my own agency now. [00:28:00] So, Yeah. Th this is 

Ismail Humet: what I, Like I told you before you got on here, I just had a couple bullets that I wanted to touch on with you.

And to me, common theme as an outsider, like just scrolling through what you’ve done, uh, is that you are someone who creates opportunity. Uh, and you remind me of a story from my first episode with this, uh, Inc. 500 ceo where he was working in a retail store and like someone came in to buy t-shirts and he ended up working for that customer for free and ended up later becoming his chief operating officer, like Wow.

Turned a customer in the store into an opportunity. Wow. And I think that’s what you’ve been doing, right? You, you, and it sounds like it started cuz you offered to work for free. So I’d like to hear you, 

Working for FREE!

Ismail Humet: your opinion on working for free because I know people that are like, Oh, I don’t even get outta bed for less than a hundred bucks an hour.

Yeah. I’m almost stay in bed 

Josh Ordonez: then. Yeah, same thing bro. Like when, when I was working for my professor, I was working for free for him. I had no idea what to charge him, what would I charge him? Like I had, I had no idea. Like I just started, you know, being in the industry. So, um, [00:29:00] yeah, no work for free. Like get, get some resume building, you’re literally worth $0 if you don’t deliver, you know, on a certain dollar amount.

Right. Um, and even with Big Baller brand, I was working for free for them for. Three weeks, maybe a month, and then come, come like the first game day. Um, it wasn’t until the very first actual like game of the season where they, they didn’t even trust me with the social media logins. I had a work phone, Right.

Like I had a separate phone that I was doing all the posting, all the Instagram stories, all the tweets, all the Facebook posts. Right. And it wasn’t until the first game day where they’re like, Holy crap, we need this guy. And that’s when they officially like offered me something paid. And um, so yeah, like work for free, prove your value.

Um, it’s kinda like a trial period, especially like if you’re a college student, like, or a high school student or just, you know, a young professional, whatever. Yeah. Dude, work, work for free for a little bit. Um, so would you do that now? [00:30:00] No, . Cause I don’t have to, I don’t have to do that now. 

Ismail Humet: Interesting. Yeah, I’m, I’m kind of torn on this because, um, People, obviously it’s true.

You gotta know your value, you gotta value your time, all that stuff. But I also think like it depends on who’s asking, right? If there’s a huge client, if the NBA comes up to Josh and says, Hey, we wanna work with you, but we wanna see how you do some things, would you offer to work for free? Like, would you say, No, you gotta pay me from the first gig.

Josh Ordonez: So in a sense, I still do work for free, but it’s more so like, okay, so basically when I approach a client or a client approaches me, I like can even sometimes, like I’ve even sometimes made like 25 pieces of content for a client before any sort of paid thing is made. So they can kind of like see where my head’s at, see the value that they’re about to get into.

Um, so in a sense, yeah, like I do free work, but like, uh, months of free work, uh, or [00:31:00] like weeks of free work, right? I don’t know. It depends. Yeah. Maybe it’s circumstantial, you know, if the NBA asks me to do that, Then Yeah, in a sense, I have worked with the NBA for free, but again, it’s circumstantial. The NBA for free one was because it was like a philanthropic campaign.

So it was like around like, uh, it was like for like autism awareness night for the nba, right? So like, obviously I’m not gonna be like, Yo, let me get a bag for this autism awareness campaign. Like, no, I don’t, Let’s do this. Right? But 

Ismail Humet: it’s like, it’s, you did it for free. It was a, it was a cherry thing. And you said that you have no expectations, even the other ones that you did for free.

But like at the worst case, even if nothing comes out of it, you have a content piece for your portfolio. Yeah. Like people that go through your Instagram and see you doing the Utah Jazz NBA game, they don’t know what you got paid. If you got paid. They just see that, hey, this guy can do this kind of work.

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s exactly what you, what you wanna communicate. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. And it, it really comes down to like, like do you love what you do or are you doing it for the money? [00:32:00] And if you’re doing it for the money, obviously you’re gonna be like, Hell no, I’m never gonna work for free. Know you’re worth bra.

Like, it’s like . It’s like this, like it really just comes down to why you’re doing it. And a lot of times, like especially with this podcast of demographics, people might not be resonating with working for free. They might tune out the second we start talking about this. You know, 

Ismail Humet: I gotta say, for me, like I said, I’m torn about this.

I, I, I’m a fan of working for free. Like I even had a recent, I find that, um, if you deliver, the person that you’re delivering to is gonna want more. Yeah. This, this is just my opinion, right? Yeah. I could be wrong. And it depends on the circumstances, but like I had a startup CEO recently. It’s a, it’s a very, like, it’s a growing startup, you’d wanna be around it, right?

He’s like, Hey, I see your copyrighting is good. I need some help with this. Can you help me out? I got on the phone with him and I’m like, All this is easy. I, I’ll just do this for you. And he’s like, Oh, do you wanna talk about pay? I’m like, Lemme just do this for you and then we’ll see. Yeah. If you, And because I knew it would take me like a night.[00:33:00] 

I’ll just crank it out and that’ll allow me to get more money when we talk about money. Yeah. But that’ll like, it put me in a different, um, element when we get to that point because I know I can deliver this. You earn their trust as opposed to, Hey, can I get 20 bucks an hour from now? Yeah. Just get, just get going.

Prove your worth. And then we’ll see. Uh, and then I find that, that, that has worked very well for me cuz it leads to more and more. Cuz you’ve already, you’re getting in with better people cuz you’re like, what you said earlier, you make, uh, the transaction very leveraged on their side. Like, why would you say no?

Exactly. You get nothing to lose. 

Josh Ordonez: And, and yeah, and, and regardless, you don’t lose at all because. Now you have that resume thing. Now you have more experience. Now you learned a little more. You just got some more experience.

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All right, so you, you, you created the opportunity at school. Uh, you created the opportunity with big ball brand. That’s, that’s an awesome tip, by the way, of going to someone, [00:35:00] uh, that’s not directly the person, but kind of connected to them on 

Josh Ordonez: Instagram. Yeah. You, you can’t, I mean, you could DM Gary V you probably have like a 1% chance of getting a res, if not 0.05% chance.

Like I remember back in the 

Ismail Humet: day, like this was years ago, it was so much easier to reach him. Like, I emailed him back and forth like, I don’t know when, but it was years ago like now forget about it. It’s probably, Dang. 

Josh Ordonez: That’s so cool. Dude. Gary’s so like, cool for that man. He, he does respond like more. He, he probably responds.

Like the ratio to like clout, to like responses. He does. He’s, he’s super responsive. Like if you measure that, you know, it’s 

Ismail Humet: just crazy. Yeah. He’s gotta be so busy, like how does he, and then I’m here saying, Hey, I don’t have time for social media. How does he do it? Excuse. Yeah. . Okay. So, alright, so then let’s talk about, I guess Gary V Sure.

 Land work with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Ismail Humet: How’d you create that opportunity? Uh, you kind of started 

Josh Ordonez: telling the story earlier. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So basically, um, so I was working with Kicker Damas. That’s actually how I was able to do the Utah jazz campaign, right? So this Utah [00:36:00] jazz campaign that plays a big part in the story. So basically, um, Gary V was on Instagram Live one day and, uh, he was pounding empathy Rose

And he was calling people who purchased a subscription to Empathy Wines. During the live stream. And I was like, Whoa, I have never seen Gary give this sort of direct access like that, right? I was like, Dude, I think Gary really cares about, you know, this, this wine brand. And it, he really did because he, he said that it’s always been his dream to have his own wine, right?

He grew up being the wine guy at, at, you know, wine library, his parents shop, right? And so now he has his own wine. So, so I was like, Whoa. Like Gary really cares about this, right? So I go to the Empathy Wines page and was like, hmm. They could use some help on social media. And so during the Instagram lives, uh, 

Ismail Humet: but that, that’s, that’s also like bold right there.

Like, this is the social media guy. He’s got a company and a [00:37:00] guy. I just wanna point to your mental mindset. Like, you go to his page and you’re like, Oh, you know what? They could use some help. Why not me? Yeah. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. Here’s, here’s the thing. When you get good at something, I’m not saying blindly, Hey, You could do better.

No, I could literally go to a page and say, You need to do this better. Your captions need to be like this. Your photos need to be optimized this way. You need to be posting Instagram reels. You need to be, uh, you know, your, your bio needs to look like this. You, you know, I could, It’s not just like, Hey, you could do better.

I ha I could create a checklist of all the things you need to do better, and you could literally do it all yourself. Like that. That’s, that’s actually what I do with like, my current clients and my current sales pitches. I’ll give a full roast and critique and like blueprint of what you need to be doing on your social 

Ismail Humet: media.

Right? But no, Josh, why, why would you give that away for free, bro? 

Josh Ordonez: Because look, people realize, holy crap, this is really important. Like, I, I break it down like, you need to be [00:38:00] doing this and here’s why you need to be doing it, and this is why it’s important that you should be doing it this way. Right? And so what happens is inevitably they’re like, Holy crap, social media is a lot of work.

I’m not gonna do this myself. I’m gonna hire Tasha Donors and his agency to do it for me. Right. So, Exactly. Yep. So back to, back to Empathy Wines, right? So, um, I look at the page, I’m like, Yeah, they could use help. And so during the live stream, Gary goes, Oh yeah, me and my co-owner Nate, like, we started this thing, blah, blah, blah.

And that’s all I picked up was Nate and I go to Gary’s following after the live stream, and I type in Nate and I’s go Love it, Nate, The, and his bio says, Co-owner of Empathy Wines. Oh, there you go. I just found the co-owner of Empathy Wines. Right? I send him a DM and I’m like, Hey, uh, just got off the like live stream.

I, I was like so much fun. Um, was wondering if you guys need help on social media, uh, this is what I currently do, this is who I’ve worked with, um, I think I could help out. Right? [00:39:00] And he goes, Perfect. Like send me an email with more information, Right? I’m like, Done, send him an email. Right? I don’t get a response for like a week.

So most people would either just say, Hey, can you respond? Or, Hey, have you gotten a chance to look at my email? No. What I do was, I just have this campaign with the Utah Jazz, right? And so I post the campaign on my Instagram, and then I put the post on my Instagram story. And when I put the post on my Instagram story, I tag Nate in the story, but I hit it so that only Nate and I knew that it, he was tagged, right?

So what happened was this, this, uh, uh, campaign shows up in, uh, Nate’s, uh, inbox his Instagram story, right? And so I just say, Hey, uh, this is the most recent campaign I just worked on. If you guys still need some help, let me know, right? And his response goes, Call me. And, and here, here’s the [00:40:00] thing. I knew Nate was into basketball.

He’s a huge Phoenix Sons fan, 

Ismail Humet: dude, that’s, You’re playing men, you’re playing like ninja warfare mind games with 

Josh Ordonez: with it right now. Yeah. So, so I knew he was a basketball fan, so this campaign, like it just would strike home for him, right? So he goes, call me, he sends me his phone number over DM and uh, I step out of class cuz I was still in college at this time.

I step outta class, I called him. You noticed a better class Pro ? Yeah. I call him and he goes, Hey Josh, we love what you’re doing on social media. We were wondering when can you fly to New York and help us with our social media? And within like a two week notice, I packed up everything. I told all my professors, Hey look, I’m leaving.

I have, uh, this opportunity, I need to go to New York. Um, and it luckily it was finals week, well kind of luckily it was finals week. And so I was like, I need to do my finals online. I need to do them before, I’ll literally take it right now. Like what work with me. Right. And all my professors were like super [00:41:00] understanding, thankfully.

And they like helped me finish all my classes earlier online. And I flew to New York and started, you know, running, uh, Empathy wines for Gary V on 

Ismail Humet: social media. That, that’s an awesome story. Like, I don’t even know where to go into that. But you kind, you had the gig, right? You didn’t have to sell yourself in the meeting, it sounds like he said cuz he showed him what you did.

Uh, you just had it, you didn’t have to like, earn it afterwards in an interview. I’m sure you guys spoke, but it seemed like you 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, no, we did have a follow up interview after that just one. And then, yeah, they were like, All right, sweet. Like, we’ll see you in New York, . 

Ismail Humet: And then that somehow turns into, like, I saw the video with you and Gary, like, did you only do empathy with him?

Did you end up doing other stuff with him? Like you obviously got to work with him directly? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, there was a couple other side things that we did. Like, so I wrote, I wrote an article for like 1:37 PM um, I was running some of his media pages, like very, very briefly. Not really running them, [00:42:00] just like posting some extra posts for them.

He actually, dude, Gary’s so freaking smart, bro. So he, he owns, uh, like at Mammals, he owns at, uh, Gourmet I believe, or at Food At Yummy, something like that. There’s just these media pages he owns, like at Awesome on Instagram. He has all these pages under his belt, right? So like I was helping him briefly, very, very briefly with those.

Um, what else? I think of. Um, yeah. Yeah, that was, that’s pretty much it. It was empathy, but empathy wise was like my number one focus. Yeah. What’d 

Ismail Humet: you learn working directly with, I guess Gary or people like him? Like is the co-owner or, uh, lava ball, like these interesting characters that are doing big things?

What’d you learn by working with them directly? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, I mean, that ecosystem is ridiculous. Like, uh, Team Gary v specifically, they’re like super hard workers, right? [00:43:00] Um, but like, there’s this one story that I always, um, 

Biggest takeaway from Gary.

Josh Ordonez: remember when, when people ask me like, what, what was my biggest takeaway? Which was one night I was at Vayner Media, I stayed late, it was like 7:00 PM Um, I stayed late to finish some homework and uh, I go into the bathroom just to pee and there’s no one at Vayner Media right now.

It’s late, Like, it’s like late night. But Gary is still at Vayner Media at 7:00 PM that day just so happened, and Gary was literally taking a shit while on a client business call , and, and I was like, Whoa, like Gary, like, does not have an excuse. Gary doesn’t make excuses. So I, I believe I, I tried not to srop too much, but unfortunately it was just me and him in the whole bathroom.

So I tried not to srop too much, but I’m pretty sure it was like, he was like closing a client for Vayner [00:44:00] Media. He was like selling Vayner Media as he was shitting, right? And I was like, Dude, Gary, if Gary can literally take care of business as he’s taking care of business, like what is my excuse? You know, like he’s not, So the biggest takeaway, I guess was man, you don’t, you don’t make excuses.

And maybe that is what it takes to like really accomplish your dreams is like, No matter what you gotta be on, you know, no matter what. So yeah, that was, uh, that was like my biggest takeaway. , that little 

Ismail Humet: story. Do you, do you find that to be common amongst all those guys? Cause there’s, there’s all this new age stuff now with people saying, Hey, you gotta take care of yourself.

You gotta sleep. You can’t always be working. I think even Gary’s getting a little bit more into this, uh, over the last year or so. Yeah, I feel like, what’s the balance? Like, cuz clearly you gotta put the work 

Josh Ordonez: in, right? Well, yeah. Here’s a balance, man. One, narrow down why you’re doing what you’re doing. Two, realize if it is something you [00:45:00] love and if it’s, it’s if it’s a process that you enjoy, right?

Because if you claim to have this ambitious thing and your actions, your actions aren’t, you know, on par to that ambition. There’s something wrong there, right? There’s something not fully true there. There’s something not adding up. So really my advice is love what you do. And you really don’t have to be like, where’s the balance?

Because that is the balance. 

Work-life balance.

Josh Ordonez: Loving what you do. You don’t have to, you know, take a break from what you love. Really. You don’t, you don’t have to. And, and here’s the thing, bro, I get nine hours of sleep every night. Like, like you could work all day and still get like eight hours, nine hours of sleep. Like I get nine nine’s, 


Ismail Humet: a lot.

Yeah. I wish I could get nine right now. I got another baby. I’m not getting, I’m getting like three. So, but yeah, here you Yeah, it’s [00:46:00] bad. It’s bad the first couple months of having a baby. It’s not, it’s not easy to sleep, but it gets better. I feel that. I feel that. Yeah. So, nah, I hear what you’re saying because, you know, it’s funny cuz for me, I’ve done so many different things and they’ve all, I like building stuff.

I like business, I like, I like the, that part of it. Right? But when you’re tired, Right. You don’t, you don’t wanna do things that don’t give you energy. So I actually had another podcast before this that was like the number one podcast in the world for that niche. And which one was it? It’s, it’s, uh, Super Booths.

It’s a photo booth business podcast. So interesting. Okay. Yeah. It’s like these companies that bring photo booths to events. Uh, so we have the podcast that they all listen to, and everyone kept telling me, Hey man, you’re you great at asking questions. You’re great at asking questions. And I’m like, How do I make money asking questions?

What are random skill? But like you talking about, it doesn’t feel like work if you keep doing what you love. I love this man. I love talking to people like you. I love, I [00:47:00] get energy out of it. I’ll do this all day and I don’t really know if it’s gonna turn into something that makes money, but it gives me energy.

You help people Exactly. Once it, you can scale it. So who knows? Let’s see where it goes. That’s, that’s my mentality. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. And like, dude, the like process and like growth is like something that money actually can’t buy. So it’s, it’s something that, like you, if you love a process, if you love a journey, if you love the idea of a dream, that’s something that money can’t purchase.

Like money’s a byproduct. But, but really in a sense, if you have like an awesome journey, an awesome dream that you really like, have a lot of conviction for it, and you love and enjoy, you’re already, you’ve already won. You already have something that is like so valuable that there, it’s priceless as a matter of fact.

Ismail Humet: All right. I’m won’t respect your time. So I just wanna wrap up with a couple questions. Cause this, this has been fire so far. 

Josh Ordonez: Um, I thought we were gonna [00:48:00] talk about 

Ismail Humet: investing. Let’s go into investing. Let’s do that. Uh, cause actually that’s how we first connected, right? I was power, again, power, social media.

I commented on Simon’s thing trying to give him some advice about something. And he didn’t wanna, he didn’t wanna hear it. But you agree with Yeah. You agree with me. That was you. That was me. 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah. Well, bro, Small world. Yeah, bro. Simon, I even, we were talking about it yesterday. Yes. He needs to be on block file, like, come on.

Yeah, right. You need all that liquid cash, like, come on. But bro, 

Ismail Humet: but first of all, it’s still liquid. You can take it out whenever you want. I didn’t, I didn’t really buy that ex, I’m gonna challenge him on that next. Oh, no, no, no. Block 

Josh Ordonez: file does take a little bit. 

Ismail Humet: No, but I’m saying, he says he needs the capital for his real estate projects.

You can take it out whenever you 

Josh Ordonez: want. How long does it take to like become cash? 

Ismail Humet: It’s Bitcoin. You can transfer it instantly. No, 

Josh Ordonez: dude, Block fi. That’s a, that’s a reoccurring thing that I’ve heard with block fi is it takes, it takes some days, I think like two to three days. 

Ismail Humet: Oh, you’re talking about converting it from, transferring the Bitcoin and converting it from Bitcoin to [00:49:00] cash.


Josh Ordonez: gotcha. I believe so. I mean, I, I’ve, yeah, I’ve had block five for like three, four months. I’ve never wanted to take out my money out of it, but that’s what I’ve heard. And that’s why when Simon was telling me about the. Uh, liquidity thing. I think that is an actual thing. I, I don’t know. Got 

Ismail Humet: it. Maybe I’ll, Yeah.

No, no, that makes sense. That makes sense. It’s still gotta clear into cash. Yeah. Yeah. A minute. Yeah. So I guess 

View on good investment.

Ismail Humet: I’ll dig into it more with him, but yeah, we connected on that. So I’m curious, you said you didn’t let trading. What do you think about investing? What do you think about crypto? Like what do you, what do you, what do you do there?

What’s your stance there? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, so bro, if you find stuff that you have conviction for, like Bitcoin, like my convictions right now are all Bitcoin, Ethereum, uh, and Tesla. That’s it. All right. Now you’re speaking my language. Let’s go. Yeah. So Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tesla. Dude, that is, that is the game because here’s the thing, if you have so much conviction in it, you don’t care if you lose money, you don’t care if it goes down because regardless, you want [00:50:00] to contribute into this thing that you’ve already put so much research into.

Right. Given, uh, this is assuming that. You put the research into what you’re investing into, right? You’re contributing into something you believe in. It’s the same thing with like the, the, the other thing I was just talking about, like loving what you do, bro. If you love the stocks and cryptos that you’re investing into, it doesn’t matter what happens to them, it doesn’t matter.

And inevitably, right, if obviously you’re, you’re, you’re, uh, investing into something you think will go up. These things have been only going up recently. Like my Tesla’s fantastic. My bitcoin’s been doing fantastic. My Ethereum’s doing super fantastic. Like. And I don’t care if it goes down, it could go down.

I don’t care. But on the other hand, I hate when my DOE coin goes down. . Yeah. Yeah. So would I. Yeah. Yeah. So, so I’m okay with losing money on Tesla, Bitcoin, Ethereum, doe coin, right? It’s purposely like a joke. Cryptocurrency, it hurts when [00:51:00] it goes like a little bit. It hurts because you don’t have the conviction in that one.

I don’t, No, it’s, it’s, it’s totally more of a gamble play. Uh, I, I do have a lot of conviction on the power of the internet, right? So like all these influencers talking about them, that does play into, uh, you know, these, these type of meme coins. Because if you think about it, the largest hedge fund in the world is the internet collectively, right?

So like I put a lot of money into amc, one of the other meme coins or meme. Stocks. Stocks. Right. And I lost a lot of money. But here’s the thing, I didn’t feel bad about that one because we were technically right. I was technically right. The internet was technically too powerful. Robin Hood, man, they killed it.

Exactly. Well, it was, it wasn’t just Robin Hood, it was a, It was multiple brokerages that halted trading. Right. So I was [00:52:00] technically right on that trade. I lost like three grand on amc. Right. But I was technically, Because Yeah, there was just too much traffic. We were too, right. We were, 

Ismail Humet: If they let it, if they let it play out, that would’ve kept going to God.

That was where, Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you touched on a lot of different things right there, like conviction. It’s funny cuz the last two episodes that I did, the first one was called Caius Trash. And that one was really what, uh, took off for my podcast where I was talking about inflation and how cash is trash.

You don’t wanna hold cash. Mm-hmm. and then right after crypto went on a tear. So everyone started to listen to that show. Yeah. And I just did one on a, a Bitcoin, a q and a. People were sending in questions and I said the same thing like I, with Bitcoin, it’s the only thing that I get excited when it goes up cuz I’m making money, but I get just as excited when it goes down cause I can buy more.

Right. And that’s, that’s conviction. You don’t care. You get happy when it drops. So. Yeah. Uh, and you get that by like, learning about it. Right. You have to feel [00:53:00] comfortable with it and believe in it. So I, I’m, I’m glad you hit on that cuz I’ve been kind of hammering that the last two episodes. Yeah, I’m, I’m big believer in Bitcoin and Ethereum I think will do very well as well.

But the other ones I don’t really, I just, it’s hard to tell which one’s gonna succeed. I’m sure some of them will, but a lot of them are gonna go to nothing in my opinion. 

Josh Ordonez: Sure, sure. Um, Ethereum as of now, if, if you’re looking for like a trade, Ethereum is a really good play right now. Reason being is, uh, Gary hasn’t stopped talking about Ethereum for like a few weeks now.

And, uh, he’s got a project coming out, right? Yeah. On the fifth, he’s dropping an NFT project, uh, with a n uh, Ethereum Smart contracts. So, um, yeah, it’s probably gonna be a bull market for Ethereum until five, five. There might be a little dip after, uh, the fifth of when Gary’s dropping it. But if you’re looking for a, just the, whoever’s listening, if you’re looking for a quick Ethereum play, that, that could be it.

[00:54:00] But, but I would suggest long term for all of these things we mentioned, 

Ismail Humet: For sure. Um, yeah, I mean that could dive into cryptos. I don’t, I don’t wanna take up too much time cause I don’t know how much time you have left, but I could dive into crypto and ask you a ton of questions on that. Um, but I just wanted to touch on quickly, if you didn’t mind.

Advice to aspiring social media entrepreneurs.

Ismail Humet: There’s a lot of people like the title Lopezs and everybody, uh, recommending social media as a job. Build your agency, do it as a gig, start a business. You’re doing it, you’re, you’re succeeding in it. Yeah. Do you have any advice to anyone that’s listening and it’s like, Hey, I like social media, I wanna start doing something there.

Any advice to someone like that? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, so, um, there’s, there’s a bunch of different avenues within social media that you could like monetize, right? Um, I would say first study the creator economy. It’s like kind of a buzzword, but if you just go Google Creator Economy, you’ll find a lot of very interesting things, which basically is as a creator.

You have [00:55:00] so many ways to monetize, and this industry is only growing. So if you really wanna get excited about social media, study the creator economy, and then what I would say is, dude, social media, you have so much potential to like get working with some amazing people. If you put in the work, and here’s how, Let’s say you are a video editor, right?

Let’s say you create thumbnails for YouTube, or let’s scratch that. Let’s say you’re good at Photoshop, right? You’re good at Photoshop. Just, just, you just so happen to be good at Photoshop. Okay? So now you want to use that skillset and you want to get into this social media creator world, right? Find a creator, Create a free thumbnail for them.

That just kicks ass, right? Send it to their dm. Find their email. Find their manager’s email. Find the company’s email. Find an admin person’s email, right? It just takes one, one [00:56:00] of those, and you’re off, you’ve made a name for yourself. You have an opportunity, right? So that’s what I would say is, and that’s, that’s the thing too, right?

That’s free work. You’re, you’re put, if you, if you’re created a free thumbnail for someone just using thumbnails, an example, right? You just did free work for them. Okay? Second. So thumbnails specifically, because, uh, I know within the creator world, I know that thumbnails for YouTube are very in demand and very low supply, right?

So if you’re good at Photoshop, boom, there’s a, there is an opportunity for you. Second example, you’re good at video editing, right? Edit a TikTok for who your favorite creator company ever. Why? Because TikTok is a massive, exploding thing. With very little people optimizing on it. Right. You could probably out of, you could probably name a brand right now and there’s like a [00:57:00] very high chance that they’re not on TikTok yet.

Right. However, they have loads and loads and loads of full, uh, horizontal video content all over the internet. Go look for a horizontal video, Make it into a TikTok, you know, use the trends, use the audios that you know are trending right now, and send it to them as an example and say, Hey, I’d love to make more of these for you.

Right? Again, free work, but all it takes is one response. And, uh, yeah, you, you, you’ll make a big leap in your career. 

Ismail Humet: Super actionable, like genius advice and it’s amazing cause it’s so simple, but people won’t do it and it’s, and 

Josh Ordonez: that’s why it works. Yeah. A lot of it is doubt. It’s like, yeah, right. They’re gonna respond to me.

But that’s the thing. People check their dms, right? And it’s a numbers game one, and then two, even if they don’t respond, guess what? Now you have that thumbnail, you have that TikTok [00:58:00] on your resume onto the next one. 

Ismail Humet: I have a feeling people are gonna want me to bring you on for a part two. I think there’s so much good advice to dive into further, but I gotta ask you,

Tips on growing podcast on social media.

Ismail Humet: I can’t let you go without asking you this.

Uh, I’m horrible at social media. Horrible. Uh, what do I do to grow this podcast? It grew totally organically. I got to 60 in the entrepreneurship category. Like I have no social media account for the podcast. I just have my own personal one. Yeah. Barely have anybody follow me there? Yeah. What should I do?

Josh Ordonez: Yep. You need to go on TikTok. I know you’re not on it. I’m not . 

Ismail Humet: I I took my name. I, I got the account, but I’m not, I don’t have anything 

Josh Ordonez: on there. Yeah. So all these, all the little video snippets that you’re posting on Instagram, go on TikTok. Make them vertical, full screen. Um, And post them there. And then I would also advise, um, okay, question.

What do you do on your free time? Be honest, 

Ismail Humet: what do I do on my free time right now? I, I don’t have much free time, but I guess I’m scrolling through my phone, listening to podcasts, stuff like that. [00:59:00] 

Josh Ordonez: Mm. Podcast is pretty, pretty, uh, pretty productive, but, okay. Well, I was gonna say this. Um, take one week of your life and, and this just comes down to how bad you really want it, Right?

But this is, trust me on this. Oh, the challenge. Let’s go. Challenge me. Take, take one week of your life. Download TikTok and watch talks for one week. Don’t post anything. Watch TikTok. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve already done that. . 

Ismail Humet: You have 

Josh Ordonez: I’ve done that. Yeah. Okay. So from there, Okay. But have you, okay. Have you, with this consciously, like, basically as you scroll, consciously think, Okay.

What, uh, what sounds, what trends, what hashtags. What people, what niches could I use to implement, uh, into my TikTok content? Like, what can I do that is currently working on TikTok? Use that and put it into my podcast and put it into my content, right? [01:00:00] So basically it’s not only just, uh, content, you’re kind of being on the offense too, because learn, pick up on trends, right?

Pick up on audios, and then another thing, check the, um, trending hashtags every week. So, um, if you go on the search bar, you’ll see all the hashtags that are on the homepage, right? If you use, if, if, if one of the hashtags just so happens to be a perfect opportunity for you to make content around, use that hashtag, post a video about it, post it on TikTok and it just, It just might make it onto the home screen of every single person on talk’s account.

Hmm. Massive discoverability, Right? Cause those, those hashtags are on every account, right? So if you’ve just so happen to make, look, you’re looking at the hashtags, you see the videos on there. You use the hashtag that, uh, is currently trending, that is currently something tos pushing. You [01:01:00] can just be discovered by every single person that uses TikTok.

So, yeah. 

Ismail Humet: Yeah. Their algorithm seems very generous. Like it’s a lot easier to get people 

Josh Ordonez: to watch you there. Yeah. Which is, which is why you gotta be, uh, taking advantage of it now. And I’m 

Ismail Humet: sure this is an excuse some, feel free to rip me apart. Number one, it takes a lot of time, but I think you just gotta get over that or hire someone to do it.

Number two, my hangup is that this is an audio format podcast. Can I just really create like, snippets of audio for TikTok and Instagram and have it do well? Like I tried, I just tried doing that for the first time on Instagram. Um, does that really do well on TikTok? Is am I wasting my time Well, 

Josh Ordonez: To fully optimize it.

I would, I would try to make it more engaging than just the little audio snippet. So, um, I could probably send you an example after this, but I think some good examples are like, uh, I think Grant Cardone does this pretty, pretty good, but like, yeah, he edited, he edits it down. So like whatever he’s talking, it’s not just a video of him talking, but there’s visuals, there’s like [01:02:00] examples, there’s words on the screen, There’s B-roll footage of whatever he’s talking about, like royalty free images of whatever he is talking about.

Um, I, it’s probably best if I send you an example, but Yeah. So, so let’s say an audio snippet, right? There’s something clippable in it. Yeah. I would suggest, um, editing it down. So, uh, it’s basically interactive the whole time. There’s something on the screen the whole time, and it doesn’t have to be your face, right?

It could be, you know, graphics of like the stock market going up and down or, uh, And then put, put the words on there, nice and bright, like nice and, uh, quick, like each word could have its own, uh, second on screen just to capture it. Yeah. So there is ways to make it more capturing. Um, but yeah, the question is just a video by itself of just the audio, uh, channel.

You have it on your Instagram. No. Yeah, there’s definitely room to be optimized there, but, but [01:03:00] that doesn’t mean don’t post. 

Ismail Humet: Yeah. So it sounds like I could probably go through my whole history of podcasts and just spend a week and just create all this social snippets and just post them. Uh, I’ll probably have enough content for weeks.

Yeah, you do. Am I, am I missing out on not doing this in video? I find, like we were talking about how easy it is to get someone on here. It’s, I think it’s a bigger ask. Like, Hey, you gotta get on video. You got like, maybe I’m wrong. What, what do you think? 

Josh Ordonez: Um, yeah, you should do video from like a content productions for perspective, but.

Like, I, I wish I knew of an audio only, uh, podcast that is just crushing it. But like, everything has video too, so maybe, yeah. Maybe that’s enough data to like, maybe you should be on video too. I would suggest it. Yeah. But at the same time, let’s say you get really good at this editing that I had mentioned with like the b-roll, the words popping up on the screen, that could be an alternative, you know?


Ismail Humet: [01:04:00] All I got plenty of work to do. Um, what do you want to hand people off to?

Way to connect with Josh.

Ismail Humet: If people want to hear more about you, see what you do, where would you point them to? 

Josh Ordonez: Yeah, so if you just, My Instagram’s the best play, uh, place just at Josh Aronia, j o s h o r d o n e z. Um, yeah, that’s the best place I, I post most actively there.

And, um, I’m most likely going to be posting a lot more on YouTube. Um, I’m actually joining this, uh, little challenge with Mr. Beast and. I don’t if you know those guys, but, uh, I, I know Mr. Beast. Yeah. Yeah. So I have to be posting one YouTube video a week for like two months, starting this Saturday. So. Nice.

We’ll, we’ll see if I, if I can, I have like two videos already in the works. Um, pretty much finish and edited, ready to go. So, uh, but yeah, Josh are done is try it in true place on Instagram. Best place. I’ll, 

Ismail Humet: I’ll put that into the show notes and I’m, I’ll follow along your YouTube journey. I’m sure people listening well as well.

Wait, uh, last question I ask everybody. Uh,

What is a rich life to you?

Ismail Humet: what is a rich [01:05:00] life to you? Doge coin. . That’s it. Doge to the Moon, Doge 

Josh Ordonez: coin. Uh, written life, bro. I have, I have a rich life man. It’s waking up doing what I love under my terms. Every day. That’s pretty much it. 

Ismail Humet: Yeah. Awesome, Josh. Yeah. Great place to leave it

Thank You & Wrap up!

Ismail Humet: . Thank you so much for coming on here.

Thanks, bro. Um, appreciate it, man. Talk to you soon. Talk to you soon too. 

Josh Ordonez: Take care, brother. 

Ismail Humet: And there you have it. If you enjoy this episode, please remember to leave a review. I may even give you a shout out and read yours out on the show for any and all resources that we discussed. Check out the show notes or head on over to bound to be

Until next time.[/expand]