Turning $1,000 Into $5 Million Day Trading Stocks (In Less Than A Year!) – Cameron Newell

Episode 8 – Cameron Newell, CEO of Noremac Newell Trading

Listen in to this in-depth conversation with Cameron Newell, CEO of Noremac Newell Trading. 

Cameron shares:

  • how he turned $1,000 into over $5 million in profits by day trading stocks (with no margin!)
  • how he first had to overcome failure and blew his trading account a couple times 
  • how he generates market beating returns via trading
  • advice for new traders entering the market
  • what separates him from other less successful traders 
  • and much much more!

Podcast episode & show notes below!

Show notes:

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Ismail: Welcome to the bound to be rich podcast, where I attempt to reverse engineer people who seem to be successful, no matter the circumstances, so that you can apply those lessons to your own life. I’m your host is Mel Hume. In this episode, we are joined by Cameron new CEO of NORMAC new trading in a very popular day.

Trader Cameron is most well known for taking $1,000 and turning it into $1 million in just 109 business days and then $5 million in 256 days. While that may sound unbelievable, it did not come easy. He blew his account a couple times before succeeding. He’s also someone who does not claim to be a guru and emphasizes that he’s just a normal guy who was actually a domino pizza delivery driver before all his trading success.

What did he learn that allowed him to finally make millions from trading and what can we take away to help us become profitable traders too? Let’s dive in

camera. Thanks so much for coming on the show, man. I appreciate 

Cameron: it. Yeah. Yeah, no problem. Thanks for having me on. 

Ismail: So I I’ve been interviewing traders recently. I’ve been fascinated by it and it seems like that’s the rage now everyone’s getting into it. But you specifically caught my attention and a lot of my friends’ attentions because you’re very relatable and, and like, you have all this content out there where you say you’re not a guru.

You’re just this normal guy. If you can do it, anybody can do it. So I think people are really drawn to you. And I wanna start with that because once you start talking about all the success you’ve had you look less relatable. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to hear more 

[00:01:45] Backstory of Cameron

Ismail: about what you were doing before.

I know I saw some things about like pizza delivery, landscaping anything that you’re willing to get into. I’d love to hear about that. 

Cameron: Yeah. So again, thanks for having me on, but yeah, so you know, me my life, right. So I guess we can go back to just kind of the very beginning, you know, I, I, school was never really a thing for me, you know, actually when I was in elementary school, I actually, I actually really liked school because I was pretty good at it.

You know, I remember that I remember being good at like math and I remember being good at, you know what was it? I guess it doesn’t even count cause I wanna, I wanna count it, but PE I was really good at too. I was very athletic . But. And then I kind of just started to realize like in eighth and ninth grade that I just kind of like, I don’t know, I didn’t really enjoy school.

I wasn’t really, like, I had no drive for it. You know, like I know when I’m driven, you know, I know when I like something I know when you know, I I’m really enjoying studying it and really enjoying learning it. And you know, I could just tell, you know, and an example would be like, I really loved Madden.

You know, I really, at one point in my, when I was like 15, I got so into Madden that I ended up being ranked in the world. And you know, I guess looking back on that, I haven’t really thought about it until now, but I kind of have that trait of like, when I, when I get into something and I’m actually like enjoying it and loving it and driven in it.

Then I know that I can compete up there with, you know, hopefully some of the best out there is, is always the goal now. I’m always looking to get better and I’m by sure. Not the best, but you know, I continue to make every day better than yesterday. And I hope that you, you take that motto home with you if you’re hearing this.

But and so, you know, I’ve, I kind of realized that school wasn’t for me, you know, I kind of, and it doesn’t mean that I didn’t quit. You know, I’m not a quitter. I mean, I, I went through college and I went through about three years. Of, of college. I mean, I mean, I got my AA and then I ended up not really knowing what I wanted to do.

And finally, you know, my girlfriend helped me kind of decide that I wanted to, to that she realized that I like business. I like finance. I like to, you know, understand and learn how that kind of, that sector worked. Right. And it was, it’s a lot of learning and it’s, I’m still learning to this day and, and all that kind of stuff.

But you know, that’s, the key is always you know, always you know, trying to you know, get better and always trying to, you know, learn and, and, and always trying to, like I say, learn, learn, learn, and that, and in school, I wasn’t interested in learning. I did. I know that I didn’t really even you know, I remember I, I didn’t really even like have that drive or that, that interest in learning, I was just trying to get through it.

and so, you know, then I, I found you know, tr or trading, but I guess I can go through my jobs. I don’t wanna jump too far. So, you know, my job’s consisted of I’ve I’ve never had a nine to five to this day. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing you probably 

Ismail: save yourself a lot of stress and heartache yeah.

Cameron: So that’s a good thing. Yeah. But so I, I, my first ever job was like doing some landscaping for an older an older guy. His name was Mr. Greste and I, I did you know I remember, you know, doing that for like two years and thinking that $12 an hour was really good money. And, and it was, I mean, I was like 15 years old and I was working four or five hours a day, but, you know, I, I absolutely, you know, I didn’t hate it, but especially in the summer when the bugs were out, I’m not a huge bug fan.

And I just remember going through all the. You know, all the the apple trees and mowing the lawn. I mean, this guy had a ton of lawn to be mowed and you know, at the end of the day, you know, I, I, I didn’t really enjoy it, but then I, I moved on and I, I started to work for, you know, more, I guess, a, a job job, which is Washington national guest service.

And I did guest service for them for about, I don’t know, a year or so. I didn’t love it, you know, it, it probably, you know, I don’t know if I loved the people that worked there, you know, they, they weren’t necessarily the positive vibes that I would’ve like. But you know, and then overall, I mean, I just did it to get free golf.

That’s basically the only reason why I did it. And then LA, and the last job I ever had was I worked for Domino’s pizza. I was the Domino’s pizza delivery boy for about a year and a half or so. And you know, that’s when I started to, to trade more and more. And that’s when I, you know, during that time that’s when I lost about half my net worth on, on Robin hood.

Basically just, you know, starting off small, starting off, basically just you know, a funding, an account with, I remember a hundred dollars and then $300 and then became $500 thousand. And then I got on sure. Trader 1500 blew that Evan one day and refunded it the same day. I mean, it was becoming like almost a gambling problem.

Right. And I remember, you know, going through that, and I remember now the ticker’s M GTI, but it was MGI. And that’s what I basically lost. You know, I think I lost about $3,200 that day and I literally bought the top and, and now learning and going back on those times, you know, I, I completely, would’ve done the opposite now that I’m educated now that I’ve seen charts now that I’ve studied the markets long enough, literally it was a perfect parabolic short and then a bounce, a solid bounce on top of that.

And that’s exactly what I did with game stop. It’s exactly what I tried to do until rate of day. It’s exactly what Salva did. It’s exactly. I mean, it, these are reoccurring, you know, themes and, and, and processes that happen throughout the markets. People just get so high and then they get so down and they stop out and they overs stop out.

And then there’s a bounce. And, but I’m not gonna go into too much of that. But anyways, basically I found a process that works and it’s funny, cause I look back on that and that one trade. Is basically what I told everybody, like I was gonna quit. I was, I told my fam I just told everybody of my friends that I I’m not gonna do this anymore.

I just can’t, you know, no one really knew how bad it was for me. But I just basically was like, you know what, I can’t do this. You know, I can’t do this to myself. I can’t do this to my situation. I can’t do this to my family. I didn’t wanna like ruin my chances of, you know, living where I was gonna live in college.

And I was getting to that point where financially, I don’t know if I could, I could do that anymore. You know, get to a point where I could live, where I was trying to live in college. And I don’t know without ruin my college. My parents luckily helped me throughout college, but, you know, I was, it, I didn’t want them to help me for everything and I don’t think they would’ve.

And so, you know, going through that and, you know, looking at, you know, John McAfee and how he was talking about the stock all the time and you know, all that stuff. And then he kind of, he kind of just talked about it every day and it just inflated the stock from 30 cents. So I believe seven days later went to five 50 and I think I, I bought it at five 60 it’s in my course somewhere.

I’m gonna have the trade. In my course that I, I went over it and I re I’ll never forget the trade because that’s what almost knocked me out. But I told everybody I quit and then no one knew this, but I came back one more time. And, and I think having my back against the wall You know, realizing that, you know, I was, I was still watching things and I was like, why can’t that be me every day?

I saw something go up and I wasn’t trading. I’m like, why, why can’t that be me? Why can’t I be in there and sell there? And why can’t I short there and, and cover there. And why can’t I just be that person? Right. Because someone else did it, it’s obvious it’s on the screen. Someone else was able to do that.

Someone else was able to buy the bottom, cuz there’s always a BI there’s always a buyer and a seller. That’s how the markets work. And if there isn’t. It’s probably halted but what, 

[00:09:19] What made you successful as a trader?

Ismail: what you’re touching on here though, is a surprisingly common thing. People think they’re gonna get rich overnight to get into trading.

And I’m sure you’ve heard of this stat where, you know, 95% of traders fail. Yeah. A common thing is the people blow their accounts like multiple times when they first start. But for some reason, the people that are successful like you they don’t give up. And even though you were close to giving up, you kept going.

And I find that those people, if you did a stat on those people that didn’t give up, I’d bet that the success rates were way higher. So why do you think you had that mental strength? Cuz everyone goes through those periods where they have a big loss, so they blow their account. How did you put that into your mindset to keep going?

What was different about how you 

Cameron: thought about it? I mean, I wish there was more research done to understand like what actually kicks people outta the markets. And why do they, 90% of traders fail. Because, you know, and I’m glad you touched on that because I, I would really, really love to learn that because it would help my teaching a lot, you know, and I wish there was more research done on, you know, what a, like, is it people over trading?

Is it people not studying enough? Is it people to overconfident? Is it someone who just takes their, all their life savings and just throws into the market loses at once it doesn’t give their ch self a chance to learn. You know, I really wanna get to the bottom of like why 90% of traders fail, because there’s so much opportunity to me.

The markets is, is becoming not obvious, but it’s just every day the percentages can be on your side if you have a lot of a proper studying. But anyways, I wish that someday that’s out there more, more out there than it is now. But what’s different when it happened to me. I don’t know, I’ve never really been a quitter.

I’ve never really been, you know, you have to be smart about life. You have to be, you know, even though I lost half my net worth, I still had half the amount. And I knew that, you know, I knew going into it that I was, I, there’s no way in my mind that I would lose everything because it’s just done how I work in mentally.

I, I knew that I was tough enough. I remember starting the thousand dollars to a million dollar account challenge. And at that point I wasn’t really profitable. I mean, I started to pick up some strategies in 2007, it was August 31st, 2017. And that account challenge turning a thousand to a million is where, you know, I started basically building my confidence, but here’s the thing.

I blew up a ton of accounts. And then, you know, I started to, I took some time off and I started to study study study. Right. And then I, you know, be back against the wall, you know, having that feeling of back against the wall, I kind of just was like, You know what I, I can’t give up. I can’t, I refuse to give up, you know, cuz the thing is, it’s almost like how much I hated school I didn’t wanna give up because I knew this, the plan B was school and I wasn’t gonna do it.

You know, I, I mean I was doing it. I was in school, but like I just knew that there wasn’t a job that I really liked out there. And I knew that the degree really wouldn’t be used if I used it. I’d seen it so many times from, you know, a lot of people that I knew and I was just like, what is better than trading?

You know, what is better than literally waking up being wherever you can in the world, wherever you wanna be in the world, not having a boss to tell you what to do and have unlimited salary based upon the knowledge that you have in, in your brain. Your salary is based upon how much knowledge and how much awareness you have in the stock market.

There is no going around that. You know, the smartest people. In the world are the ones that are the most successful in my opinion. And it doesn’t have to be financially either. It can be, you know, someone like ed Mylet, even though he’s financially successful or, you know, so on and so forth, but just having that drive.

But I’m trying to figure out like, what was what’s different? And that’s a hard question what’s different in my brain than someone else’s. And I just feel like it’s, you know, not giving up trying to be somewhat, you know, smart and educated about every decision that you make. You know, realizing that losses happen, realizing that you’re gonna get down in life and realizing that there’s gonna be lows and highs throughout life.

And it’s your, it’s gotta be your best to keep the highs up trending and the lows you wash them away and you, and you never, and you just learn from them, right? Because everybody’s life has something that they learn from. And, you know, some person’s life might have more than they learn from than others.

Whether it be, you know, you just getting kicked outta class or whether it be you being de in detention for three days. And, you know, we all have things we learn that are either right or wrong in your mind or in someone else’s. But the thing is you have to just come back every day and say, Hey, you know what?

I messed up and, and own up to, to messing up. The biggest thing is telling yourself, you know, what, and, and getting the ego outta the way. You know, I learned very, from the very beginning, get the ego outta the way I learned from everyone. And I have no problem admitting it. A lot of people say they only learn from one person and I don’t buy it.

I think they’re just doing that to say, you know, this is my mentor and I wanna help him in his business. But I think that in order to be successful in any shape in life, you can’t learn from just one person. I’m not saying you can’t be successful from learning from just one person, but I don’t think you can take it.

And, and I think it’s extremely hard to just learn from one person to be successful, but I think you can take it 10 steps higher when you learn from, from hundreds or thousands of people that have proven themselves in that sector or industry. And that’s kind of just what I’ve taken and I still take to this day.


Ismail: I mean, 

[00:14:49] Your bounce back Trading Strategy.

Ismail: we could dive into trading really deep, but I think people can just get your course and learn all about that. I’m really fascinated about your mindset. Like we’re, we’re kind of talking about now, what sets you apart? And you mentioned that $1 million challenge. I have these notes here that you turned a thousand dollars into a million in 109 business days, and then you turned it into 5 million in 256 business days.

And what’s unique about you is that it’s like totally transparent. You publish YouTube videos every day after the market close, you post the results it’s verified. So. But you just said something really interesting before you said, when you lost and you, you lost half your account and you were, you know, at rock bottom, your back was against the wall.

You started the thousand dollar, $2 million challenge. Now what makes you feel like you can do that when you lost half of your account, your back is against the corner. A lot of people wouldn’t say I’m gonna do a million dollar challenge. 

Cameron: right. Yeah. That’s very true. And I kind of just set that bar so high because in my mind I’m sitting there and I’m like, you know, I’ve seen traders do something similar.

Like I, I’ve never seen someone do a thousand to a million, so I wanted to set that bar. And you know, and by the way, that challenge is no margin as well. I’m not using two to one, three to one or any of that, but and we can go over leverage later. But so yeah, I mean, you know, that’s a good question.

And I wanted to set the bar high because I feel like when you set the bar high. It makes you focus on the, on the little things more. And I know that’s kind of weird, but like when I set the bar high, I wasn’t just like, and, and I was doing it publicly too. Like I, I announced it to all my followers. I didn’t have very many at the time, but I did that to hold myself accountable.

It’s so easy to hide behind a screen and just not be accountable and make stupid trays and just click buttons all day. But when you hold yourself accountable, whether it be green, red, or break, even every single day, it’s important to, to hold yourself accountable because you know, you can sit here and say, oh, it’s okay to do, do this today.

And it’s okay to do that today. And it’s okay to make it a bad day today, you know, but when you hold yourself accountable in front of people, you wanna lead as an example, you know, I’ve always been that way. I wanna lead as an example. I remember saying that bar so high to where, like every day I was just so focused.

I was like, okay, I’ve lost this amount of money. I’m not doing this anymore. My back’s against the wall. And what changed for me? I remember this is what changed for me was just pick and choosing stocks. I C the reality is you can choose from 10,000 plus stocks every day. You have that opportunity. You, as a retail trader can say, Hey, I can trade anything that I want.

As long as I have a brokerage. And, you know, you know, you can buy and sell whatever you want. And when you have that freedom and that opportunity, and you’re sitting and watching stocks go up and down every day, you’re literally watching money in front of you that you can collect if you’re smart enough.

Right. And so I saw that, and that’s what drove me. And I was like, if I was smart enough to get myself down here and good ’em in here, then, then I can make a little bit of profit. And maybe I can put some food on the table and a roof over my head. And I kept doing that over and over in my head. And I’m like, , you know what, like I, every day I saw some other opportunity and I wasn’t trading at the time I’m talking about, well, I wasn’t trading and I lost that my net and I just quit for a little bit.

And I just kept seeing that. And I’m like, oh my gosh. And like, and then even just seeing the MGT bounce, you know, the one that I lost with the $3,200 or 3000 on, or something like that, even seeing that bounce go from two 50 to like three 30, I was like, wow, what if I got in at two 60 and sold at three, the, you could have done that.

You know, the, the opportunity was there. It’s just, how am I gonna be smart enough to get myself to do that? And what happens is I kept studying charts and patterns and volume and time and sales and how social media was, you know, creating opportunity of trades and how level twos creates opportunity with trades and how sector and momentum creates opportunity with trades.

And. You know, depending on whether what’s hot, if it’s the electrical vehicle sector or the weed sector, you know, always learning how that’s training. And I’ve learned that over time, but setting that bar high and just creating that mindset of like, of an extreme goal, I felt like I just couldn’t, you know, I, I, I couldn’t give up and I couldn’t, you know, think big picture like that.

Cuz I’ve tried that, you know, I’ve tried thinking I want money now. And that’s why I got your trader. And I got six to one leverage. I found out with $1,500 and I got into a $10,000 position. I remember getting into, I it’s like a $10 stock and it moved like 60 cents and I lost my account and like 10 minutes and I’m like, well, that was fun.

There goes $5,000. I’m trying to make a lot of money quick. And I’m, I’m telling you, I, I try and teach everything of what I used to do and try and help people to understand that I’ve been through that. And I, and I did. And the craziest part is I did it again. The next day I, I got in a six to one trade.

And this one took an hour, but it stopped me out. The margins stopped me out cause it ran outta cash and I was out again and in two days I’m down, you know, another $3,000. And it’s hard to remember the timeframes exactly on I, you know, sure. Trader was right before I lost half my net worth. And then the MGT trade was the, the trade.

That was my last trade. And I’ll never forget that trade, but you know, I, I was in the mindset that whole time of like, oh, why can’t I just, just make like five grand right now? Like, or make 10 grand right now or make, you know, a grand right now. Like, it’d be so nice. And then I could go tell my, my family that I did this.

And it’s like, you know, and then, you know, having that mentality of, I want it now is in, in my opinion is never gonna work. You know? So stating that 1000 to 1 million, I’m like, there’s no way I can do that in one day or five days or a hundred days. You know, even doing that 109 days, I was like, wow. Like I even impressed myself.

I was like, I can’t believe I did that. And, but I, this, the key was, is just focus on every day. Even today I realized I’ve had a hot green streak and, and I realize I’m up an insane amount of money, but I just focus on the day in front of me. I’m not like, oh my gosh. And living in like, holy crap, look how much I’ve done.

I don’t live like that. I just live every day. Of okay. It’s like when you’re, you’re up at, at the professional, you know, headers, they’re up at the plate. They just think if they’re one at bat and you most common, you know, saying you might hear Russell Wilson or some of these professional athletes is I take one day at a time and I can’t, I can’t preach that enough.

Take it one day at a time, be your best self one day at a time, don’t think 20 days down the road and then take trades and things like that. And try and put yourself in that, in your shoes, 20 days down the road and trade like that trade, like who you are right now and acknowledge it and get the ego outta the outta 

Ismail: the way.


[00:21:33] Patience is a Virtue for Traders.

Ismail: I think it requires a lot of patients, right. To wait for those setups. You mentioned, if you got in at this level and got out that level, you would’ve made money. It requires patients, which is harder than it sounds. And I think I saw a picture. I don’t know if you still have this, but you have a sign that you have in front of your trading setup.

And I think I, I have it here. It says, stay patient. You only need three to four, a plus setups a day, stay patient. You got this. Mm-hmm . Why do you have that there? Do you still have that there? Like, is it that important to be constantly reminded. 

Cameron: It’s very important. And yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s still there.

It’s actually actually it’s, it should be there. I think it just fell down, but yeah, it’s right here. Yeah, I mean, I have it there for a reason and it’s because I was going through a stretch of time, you know, where, and that’s exactly what I was gonna talk to you about in the account challenges.

You know what I did with the account challenge in that first a thousand dollars to a million is I started to focus on just out of 10,000 stocks, one or two stocks. Every day and I go, Hey, that doesn’t really fit what I like. And I’m like, literally, like I don’t wanna lose money. And now I’m thinking, how am I gonna get into a stock and not lose money rather than how am I gonna get into a stock and make money?

And I’m like, okay, this looks good. This looks good. Now I have two or three on my radar. And I’m like, okay, this one seems to be like, I could get in and it’d be super low risk and, you know, maybe make some money, you know, and maybe try and figure it out and maybe be successful with it. But it, my biggest turnaround was just like focusing on like looking at a lot of different stocks every day, but only focusing on what worked and, and what I felt comfortable with.

And just, and I, I say that to everyone, like if you could just find I, and there’s so many stocks out there, I’m sure there’s one stock. If you looked with a scanner with social media and, you know, have all these watch list that you’re looking at as well, and just. And start to dial in a couple of stocks and just really hone in and say, okay, and that’s my perfect setup.

And then you can take it, but that’s the key is like you said, being patient was something that I realized and over the past month or two I’ve been really succeeding at is waiting. You know, I can’t tell you how hard it was to just watch game, stop, fall, and be patient for that trade. But that right there was one of my most proud trades because it’s so hard to watch a stock fall and have this set up.

And that same setup as the same as M G T. But it’s so hard to, to watch a stock fall and know when the bottom is, cuz you really don’t, but there’s some criteria that you can create that you can build that can help you find the bottom. You know, it’s not about exact bottoms. It’s about finding.

Estimates cuz you’re never gonna nail bottoms and you’re never gonna nail tops every single time. It’s just not gonna work. But your, but your goal is to just kind of catch a, the meat of the. Right. And so with GameStop, I can’t tell you how hard it was to be patient watching it go up to four 60 and down to one 12, all in one day, all within an hour and a half, there was so much emotion flowing throughout me, whether it be long or short.

And I know that I’m gonna size the F up on this thing. I know I am because I’m licking my chops for this huge sell off that I’m waiting for. Realistically, I was like, eh, you know, I, you know, coming in that day, I woke up at 2:00 AM and I was in my mind setting up the day on how I was gonna prepare myself.

Cause I knew that day could be very big day, like it was. And, but I knew the opportunity was there. It’s gonna be how well I can execute. So I was up for three hours trying to prepare my day and my head and, you know, basically, and then realizing that I’m gonna size up a lot on that stock in my head mentally.

I said, you know, maybe we get to one 70 and if so, I’m all in. Right. And, but it’s a criteria that I, it’s not just like, I’m all in guys. This is years and years of studying years and years of time, but I knew. That, that this setup was one of my highest percentage plays. And one of the biggest percentage payouts was one of the most liquidity setups that you could get in the markets.

So all those things lined up the stars line. I’m like a one 70, the thing went to one 12. How did I average at 1 44 across three different accounts was, you know, and by the way, it bounced a three 20 an hour later, but how did it, and how do I be patient enough to get myself to do that? It’s, it’s basically, you know, seeing that sign and just waiting for those opportunities, you know, because I realized that if you’re not patient, you’re just gonna lose money.

You know, I realize that if I’m not patient, I’m just stabbing at the dark things and I’m just like, why would I waste my time throughout the day, every day, stabbing at the dark rather than. Waiting for the setup to come to you. And that’s the biggest thing is waiting for the setup to come to you that, you know, works and then executing the trade.

It’s not the other way around. It’s not like, oh, I, and this I, and a lot of people can’t maybe not be able to relate to this, or maybe they can’t. But if you see a stock from four 60 down to one 12, you’re either long at 340, your long at two 80 and out two 90 and mentally, you’re long at 200 and now two 20 and you’re drained.

You’re gas. Well, I waited for one set up that entire day. I know someone who made over a million dollars short, obviously I did well on, on the long. And you know, you just, you just prepare yourself for that moment. But I realized that patience is a very, very, one of the most important things in trading.

Because if you’re not patient, then you will be, you will be punished. You will just be destroyed. And, you know, reading that sign and, and having it in bold and seeing that in front of me, I don’t necessarily need it as much anymore, but there was a stretch where I needed that up and center. To say, Hey, you know, you need to slow down.

You need to calm down. You’re always trading your best when you’re only trading two to three to maybe even just one set up a day. 

Ismail: Yeah. 

[00:27:23] Your Current Trading strategy.

Ismail: I think a lot of people get in trouble making boredom trades. Like they, they have a hard time just sitting there. And it’s funny that you kind of came full circle.

Like you lost 3000 on that M GT or whatever that stock was trade and you know, a year or two years later, that same setup comes up. You learned your lesson and now you made a million dollars in a. so it’s constantly learning and applying what you learn. And I feel like when you lose money, the lessons like get burned into you.

A lot. A lot of you, you learn 

Cameron: it a lot quicker way weigh 100%, 100% the truth, 100%. But if you had given 

Ismail: up, right, you would’ve just lost 3000, it would’ve been over, you wouldn’t have been able to become, make a million dollars a day. So the point is to like, keep going. So that’s why I like the mindset that you have.

And I think from watching you, it seems like you have two main strategies correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you focus on sympathy plays and small caps. Can you confirm that’s true. And, and why that’s the case? 

Cameron: Yeah, I mean there’s so yeah, I mean, sympathy plays are a very, very strong part of my core strategies because you know, whether it be electrical vehicle sector and watching, I mean, I’ll never forget, but, and I’ll learn from this and that’s the thing is beyond K.

I remember, I remember thinking, okay, Tesla’s. You know, up big, you know, they need a place to charge electrical vehicles are obviously the new theme because Tesla’s up so big, so quick. And I started to realize people are probably gonna start to chase the electrical vehicle sector. And what do you know?

There is things blowing up left and right in the electrical vehicle sector, BL K K F U V solo. K N D I went on a run. I mean, we can go on and on, but I mean, the thing is, there’s like what I call the lead runner and whether it be antra day sympathy play, or whether it be when I’m talking about the vehicle sector, it was, you know, BL N K still going.

And I remember looking at it, like, I think it was like $3 and now it’s up to 60 and I was gonna take a long term position in that because I’m like, I believe that electrical vehicles will be the future. I don’t know how fast, I don’t know when, but they need to have a charger and I don’t think that’s really been, you know invested in.

And obviously I missed out, but another stock I can remember is AMD. I remember trading it at $1 and 75 cents, and now it’s up to over 90. I’ll never forget these trades in these setups because someday I will be one of those traders. That’s in it, $2 and outed a hundred in my long term portfolio, you know, with long term S someday, you know, I wanna get, I mean, the best I’ve done is Tilray.

I mean, it’s 6 42 and it ran to 77, but now it just got slammed and destroyed, but I’m constantly adjusting. And, and, and whether it be intra day, intra week, or multi-year, I’m learning every day, different stocks, how they can run and how they can fall. And the sympathy plays are very, very strong thing to learn because you can almost predict.

The what’s coming in the future. By seeing the lead runner, show you the path and show you, okay. Those people willing to pay for that sector. And that’s how much they’re willing to pay for. Let’s see if it can get, can get spread across the rest of the sector and you can already see the blueprint. Now it’s up to you to take advantage of the rest of the socks that are behind it.

They’re kind of hidden behind closed doors and you gotta figure out which ones are gonna run and which ones don’t. Cause they don’t all run the same. But then I look for volatility. I trade volatility and liquidity every day, you know, Tilray was down 50 plus percent today. I traded it. Not necessarily the best trade in the world, but I traded it because it was so liquid because it was so volatile and O CGN another one that I, I, I, you know, today was a, we grossed over $350,000 on and it’s because it’s been volatile, it’s been liquid and I’ve seen that set up so many times.

Those, I focus on those. I would say, I mainly focus on these days. The most amount of volatility was the most amount of liquidity that I can because when you see stocks go, you know, intra day, they bounce 30, 50, 70% on immense amount of liquidity. You know, I’m preparing myself for the future to size up and size up and size up.

Eventually, I’ll probably get to the point where, you know, with my size, you know, if all goes to plan, I’ll just be trading blue chips, right. And I’ll be trading them and I’ll be trading the washouts on blue chips and waiting for, you know, the Tesla washes and things like that. But, or maybe an Amazon wash, but that’s a long ways down the road, you know, right now I’m just working on, you know, just trying to trade the most volatile names.

And, and the key is volatility. What I mean by that, I mean, the stocks that can go up and down by big amount of percentages with a lot of volume every day and those stocks I focused on the most. And I always, always, always study one those ones the most, because they can pay you out the fastest because they can be the most predictable.

And because they’re the, a lot of times the most liquid and those three things are very important to the way I trade because. You know, O C GN reality is, I mean, yesterday game stop, right? I was up over 50% on my, or sorry. I was up about 20% on my position in four minutes and it was a big position on game stop and I could have taken it off and made a huge chunk of change.

I didn’t take it off. And then I learned my lesson again, and this time I took some off, but I still got crushed on the backside. So today on O C GN, I said, you know, I’m not gonna make that same mistake. And at about eight minutes I was up, you know, 25%. So that’s kind of what I look for is things that like, can pay off quickly.

And those, I think are the most valuable for anyone. But it’s not like I I’m just trading those sends because right now it’s really hot. There’s a lot of volatile stocks out there. There’s a lot of bounces. There’s a lot of short squeezes. And, but when the market slows down, you’ll see me start to swing trade stocks for a couple hours, maybe even intra day or, or, or overnight.

But right now there’s just too much going on and I’m just trading the most volatile sectors and taking my 10, 20, 30, 40% and getting, getting out. 

[00:33:42] View on Stock Options Trading.

Ismail: Do you find that that’s riskier for newer people? And, and why do you not seem to be a big 

Cameron: fan of options? So I do think that, yeah, I do think that the most volatile stocks obviously are the most risky especially for newer traders, because you have so much emotion that I don’t forget about, but I’m it’s becoming less and less a part of me I’m more and more trading like a robot these days.

But in the emotional side of things, when people are in and out, especially when they’re in with too much size, they get too emotional and that’s how traders make their money. Is people getting too emotional. And you know, when you get too emotional, you can really start to make really poor decisions.

And that’s why games job went from four 60 down to one 12 is because people were making very, very, very, very, very poor decisions on a mass scale. But those happen every they happen all the time. I mean, I say those setups happen two, three times a year, maybe as much as four or five, especially in these markets.

But yes, I will say they are extremely dangerous for newer traders, but they’re also extremely rewarding. And, and also, you know, The, if there isn’t, the more risk you have, the more reward there is whether you’re trading the more volatile stocks, there’s more risk, but there’s more reward. Whether you’re sizing up a lot, there’s more risk, but there’s more reward and you have to work on like creating that risk and reward and how you’re going to find the happy medium that works for you.

[00:35:09] Advice for aspiring traders.

Ismail: I, I totally agree with your whole mission and what you’re saying with helping people. And I think anyone can learn trading, right? It’s not that difficult. It’s not rocket science. You learn the patterns you study. The hardest part is the mental aspect that you just touched on the psychology mm-hmm . And I, I feel like maybe you just learn that through experience.

I, I don’t know. It seems to be what everyone goes through. But having said all that, I, I also think you’re really good at building a social following, like your discord community creating content for social media for people that are like into that and, and want to grow community. Do you have 

Cameron: any advice there?

I will say the most probably basic response, but it’s the most important, and it is being consistent, you know, being consistent every day. Just, just creating content every day. Whether it be three years, five years, 10 years over time, if you’re consistent and don’t let your guard down. And that’s what I do in trading.

I always wake up at five 30. I’m consistent. I’m always here for you guys. I’m always here at my trading station every single day. There’s no excuse. I mean, there is an excuse. I don’t have to get up and I mean, and I could just sleep, but my life is more important than sleep. You know, I, I see bigger things in my life than just, I feel like sleeping is not productive.

I mean, it’s important to get good sleep, but there’s a fine line between productivity and sleep and productivity and life. You have to always marry the two and figure out, you know, how you’re gonna meet in the middle. 

Ismail: Yeah. I think I’ve seen stories if you like getting outta bed at 2:00 AM, cuz you’re so pumped to prepare for the day ahead.

Like that’s the level of commitment it takes to, to really be successful. And a lot of people wanna do the minimum effort and then wonder why they don’t make it. But I also am curious.

[00:36:59] Dealing with Haters.

Ismail: I see, like we talked about your, you, you talk about how you’re normal guy. You’re not a GU you’re transparent. But it is the internet after all and there’s always haters online.

Mm-hmm so I’m gonna, I’m gonna hand this off to you, but I wanna give a quick story. Like for example, I saw even like a TikTok video where people are like, oh, why do you have a window AC unit? And, and it made me think of like one of my mentors very wealthy guy. And I remember I was making fun of him laughing one time.

I’m like, Hey, why are, why are you driving a Prius, man? Why don’t you get like a nice Mercedes? It looks cooler. And he’s like, you know what looks cool, my bank account. So I’d love to hear you talk about dealing with haters and how you think about money. Cuz people think, oh, you. 5 million you know, just blow it.

But how do you think about haters and money I guess is what I’m getting at? 

Cameron: That’s a good question. Yeah. So to start with haters you know, the thing is, and I’ve realized this guys, you know, if people truly know me, they know that at the end of the day, you know, I am going to do my best to hopefully create, you know successful students.

Now it’s not always gonna work out that way. Now not only that, but people know, you know who I am and you know, what I stand for and, and my morals and things like that. And, you know, It’s people think that it’s easy to just go on social media and just type a bunch of stuff and say, Hey, you’re gonna try and hurt me and tear me down.

Whether they say, Hey, I don’t a lot. One of the couple of the most common is, Hey, I don’t believe what you’re making. Hey, I don’t believe you turned a thousand over 11 million. Hey, you know, I, I don’t believe any of this, you know, I don’t believe, I believe you’re a fraud. I believe you’re just fake. This is all paper trading.

and the reality is first off, you know, all those people, if they actually put the time in to learn from me and just spend a month with me, just spend a month with me, watch my YouTubes, watch my, you know, every day I’m in chat, start to put all pieces together and you start to realize how extremely, extremely hard it would be to fake everything that I’m doing, right.

Everything that I’m doing. And on top of that, you know, I sh every now and again, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll I’ll kind of get the haters going and I’ll, and I’ll make some live trades and I’ll lose, like, I don’t know, 40 bucks or something to show that it’s a real account. And I’ve done this at TD, I’ve done this at E-Trade and now I’m at trade zero, you know, I I’ve, and I’m probably continue to do it.

But if you spend some time, I know the people that are hating on me are the ones that literally haven’t spent eight time with me. They’re just seeing me. And they’re like, Hey, you know, this guy’s just. or, you know, they’re either just, they, they just choose not to believe it. And that’s the thing is like, I realize like, I’ve, I’ve even, it’s crazy to think, but I’ve even learned from paper traders, people that said they were trading real money and then later found out they were actually trading paper money and they got caught.

I’m not gonna say any names. Every, it’s a very common name, but and so, you know, I’m, I can learn from everyone, you know, and I’ve never made any excuses about learning from everyone. And that’s the thing is like some of these people, they just think like, I don’t know if it’s thinking too small, but they think just immediately, like when they see something crazy, it’s not possible.

It’s like, well, when we walked in the moon, did you think it was impossible until it was proven? Is that a, like, which person were you or the person that said. Hey, I think we can do it or no, that’s impossible. And you have to decide which way you’re going to choose in life. Are you gonna be the person that just says everything that seems unbelievable.

I’m just not gonna believe it. Or you going to like, let that inspire you and, and try and do it yourself. Now you may, maybe you try and walk on the moon and even if they were faking it, then why don’t you prove them wrong? You know? Or, you know, it, it, that’s just always how I’ve been. I’ve always been that person to just prove people wrong time and time and time and time again, because the reality is it’s not, it’s not impossible or it’s not possible, or what am I trying to, trying to say?

It’s not impossible unless you know, you, you can prove it possible. You know what I mean? I’m kind of butchering that, but you know, it’s, something’s always impossible until proven impossible. That’s what I’m saying. 

Ismail: Exactly. Yeah. It goes back to the, the mindset, man. It’s, it’s all about the mindset like that belief you said where people don’t believe it when they see it, it says a lot about them.

Meanwhile, you have cam. Like literally back against the corner and believes he can turn a thousand into a million and makes it happen. So that mindset, that belief is a big part of it. 

Cameron: Yeah. And, and one thing I will say is like Elon Musk, for an example, wealthiest person in the world right now. Did he think he was ever gonna be worth 200 billion?

I’m sure. I’m sure. I’m sure. In the back of his mind, he thought he was gonna be the wealthiest person in the world. Maybe it’s in the front of his mind, but whatever the case does anybody think there’s ever gonna be a trillion out there? They’re probably gonna hear a lot of no’s. Will it happen? I’m sure it will.

It’s just a matter of, you know, how, how hard that person’s gonna work, how smart they are, how educated they can be, you know? Or do you think that there’s ever, you know, gonna be someone who, you know, runs for four days straight. And doesn’t ever stop. I’m sure. It sounds impossible. And I’m sure it is impossible right now, but I’m sure someday someone might do it.

Like you can’t have the mindset of just, oh, that’s not possible. Oh, you can’t do that. Oh, you know, there’s just no way it’s never been done to something we kind of been done. You know, it, doesn’t creating your own possible and your own reality is what it’s about. You know, letting people tear you down and say, Hey, you can’t do this.

Or, Hey, you’re fake or, Hey, that’s just not possible or not true. It, it just, I don’t know, like those people are the ones that I don’t want in my life. They’re the ones that I want people to push me and motivate me and take me to the next level and say, Hey, you know, you can do that. And I have some of those friends in my life that want, you know, more then, and, you know, as I get older, I’m only 26 as I get older.

I’m sure I’m gonna. out my network, but again, right now I’m so focused on trading that, you know, it’s just my number one goal is just continue to, to, to get better and better at trading until hopefully someday I pass more in buffet. But, and then 

[00:43:20] Your Profit Strategy.

Cameron: what was your second question 

Ismail: there? Yeah, it, it was about how you think about money, like being frugal and like what, what is your strategy with profits?

Do you like take it out and put into long term investments? Like how do you think about money? I guess in general. 

Cameron: Yeah, lately, man, I’m not gonna lie money. It’s been pretty insane. It’s not, it’s not even reality anymore. I, I I’ll say that. Like, I’m doing things that, that, I mean, I’m making, you know, doctor’s salaries in one day.

It’s just, it’s just not reality. It really isn’t. I mean, I don’t even know how to. and, you know, it’s been pretty insane and it’s like, I don’t know. You know, I definitely have a plan for what I do with my money, but lately it’s, it’s like, geez, like I’m, I am doing things at such a pro progressive rate and I’m, and I’m like going a lot faster than I thought I was going to.

And now I’m like, geez, like I don’t, I’m making the kind of money that I need to figure out. Like, you know, do I buy commercial real estate? Like, I, I, I don’t know, like, I’m, I’m, I’ve been game planning that out for the past couple of years. Cuz I, my, again, my goal is always to be in this position is just over the past month.

It’s been really, really Jurassic uptick in my, my trading career. And it’s all good. You know, I’m, I’m gonna continue to progress and continue to get better, but. You know, what I’ve been doing is I just, you know, I always so when I started my thousand dollar to $30 million account challenge, you know, I did a thousand and then once I got, I think, like over to like 500,000, I, I was, then I had a hundred thousand dollars trading account.

And then when I got to a million, I bumped it up to like every a hundred thousand dollars that I made I’d bump my buying power, 25,000. So, so if I got a 600,000, it’d be 1 25. If I got 700,000, be one 50. If I got to 800,000 1 75, 9,200, etc. Etcetera. But I always wanted to feel like there’s that pit in my stomach that I learned from when I first started trading, being on sure.

Trader, I remember this, especially where like, if I had this kind of bad pit in my stomach, then now I realize, but not, I didn’t know then that that’s too much size I’m trading with too much size. I didn’t know that until. You know, after about two years, I was like, well, that feeling I’m like, oh yeah, that’s way I don’t feel comfortable with that kind of size.

So I kind of feel that if I get that pit in my stomach, then I might not, I might, I might just pull the, the whole a hundred thousand dollars instead of the 75,000 into my bank account. Depending on if I’m like, so, you know, but then now I’m at, I have to, I calculate after today, but I’m over 12 million in profits from that thousand.

But now, you know, I’m, I’m, I raised my buying power, you know I have it to a million dollars, but now I just recently raised it to 1.25, and now I’m considered raising it to 1.5. Like for every million dollars that I make, I might raise it 250,000. That’s kind of like been what I’ve been doing.

But yeah, I just pull my, I just pull my profits and Go go from there. You know, I, I, I, I bought a house. I bought a house cash. Yeah. 


Cameron: Rick, congratulations. I appreciate that, man. Yeah, I bought, I bought a house cash and, and I’ll never forget. The seller was like, wait a minute, like you’re 26 years old, you know, you were a pizza delivery, boy, how is this all adding up?

so I had to 

Ismail: ask you what you did. 

Cameron: Yeah. Well, and you know, and, and I, I don’t necessarily blame them because they’ve lived in the house for 35 years and you know, I, they wanna make sure that they’re not gonna get screwed in the end. They had plenty of other offers though. I mean, there was sixteens made on the house and it went to the moon.

But you know, at the end of the day, I knew what I was doing when buying the house. I knew, you know that now I have an asset. I’ve never had an asset before. And with the kind of money I’m making, I, I have to, I have to figure out smart assets to put my money in. And I, I do a lot of real estate studying.

People don’t know that, but I actually study a lot of real estate, a lot of grant Cardone, a lot of, you know, I, I, I study a lot of Tony Robbins, a lot of ed Mylet, you know, I’m, I kind of create my social media, like surrounding myself around these big time successful names. And that’s another key is surround yourself around successful people.

It doesn’t have to be financially, but in any way, you know, I follow, you know, athletes that I look up to. I follow, you know you know, weightlifters that I look up to, I surround myself on my social media, around the people that are my role models and doing that has also increased my intelligence as well.

Because basically it’s like a little world that I do, like late at night, I’ll go on social media for my own personal sake. And I’ll just look at all the motivational content that they have or everything that they’ve learned over their career, you know, and see what they’ve done and use that to better myself and what, and in real estate I’ve learned a lot about real estate over the past two years because you know, real, estate’s a very important thing to learn.

I don’t necessarily think that I’ll be a huge investor in it because over time I know stocks always pay better than real estate. But the thing is, it’s not like I’m not gonna get into it because real estate is an asset. You know people will always need a home to live in. There’s a, like, there’s always things that are hot in the stock market.

Things that get, you know, like graphics cards that, you know, can be better and better, but I can’t really think of something that was gonna be better than a home, because you always have to have a place to live no matter how old you’re gonna be. There’s always gotta be an asset that you’re living in.

And that then creates value. 

Ismail: You definitely. I mean, you’re making a ton of money. Real. Estate’s gonna be like a good place to park it. You’re not gonna make more in real estate. But I think as you make more and more money trading, you’re gonna run into like liquidity problems. It’s gonna be harder to trade a lot of stocks.

So you’re kind of restricted in a certain sense there. But it sounds like you’re doing the right thing. And I think what you touched on with surrounding yourself with the right people, like back in the day, it, it was just people who were physically around you like your, your schoolmates, your neighbors now there’s no excuse you hit it right in the head, man.

You could follow all these billionaires multimillionaires and learn from them for. There’s no excuse anymore. People are like listening to a Grande. Think about lollipops in the car and when they could be listening to billionaire talking on the podcast. Right. Mm-hmm so it’s no excuse in my mind anymore.

Yeah. But there, there are two questions that I wrap up every show with. And I, I can’t wait to ask you these as well. 

[00:49:50] Imagine your younger self, what would people around you tell me about you if I interviewed them?

Ismail: we talked about a lot of different things here. You’ve clearly had a lot of success. People relate to you cuz you don’t like put yourself way above everybody. You’re you’re very relatable.

And we talked about how you were like, Domino’s pizza deliver guy, but you still kinda had this dream. So I’m curious. Can you tell me about young Cameron? And like if I interviewed people around you at that time when you were younger, how would it describe you? Would they say, oh, I always knew he’d make it or would they be shocked?

Cameron: no, they’re they’re completely 100% shocked that you left. No. Yeah, for sure. And I have no problem admitting that my closest friends. They always, you know, they don’t always, but you know, they, I, I, I didn’t think I could ever see, well, that’s not true. I was, I always have goals, but I seem to overachieve them and I don’t know why that is, but I’m just thinking, but anyways, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna go down that road again.

But so yeah, I mean, my, my, you know, I remember. You know, in high school, you know, I wasn’t, I wasn’t getting best grades. You know, all my friends were getting better grades than me. You know, I, I, I kind of just, you know, I was kind of just playing video games and, you know, I, I wasn’t doing, you know, school was kind of just there.

You know, it’s not like you could just, I wasn’t like some just the only thing that like people would talk about was, you know, especially when I was younger is like, they, they thought that I could be like maybe an athlete of some sorts, but like, I was just an average Joe man. Like, I, I, I, I got a two point, I think it was 2.3 in high school.

Like, it was nothing insane. I just got through it. You know, my friends got three fours and three sevens and, you know, some got four OHS and, you know, I’m just sitting here like me. I’m just kind of moseying my way through. My high school, you know, career. I, there, it’s not like, you know, I know some people, right, that they’re talked about in high school are like, oh, this guy’s gonna go pro or, or, you know, this guy’s gonna, you know, be a Harvard, you know, crazy just scientist.

You know, you get those people that when you, you, I’m sure you remember that, right. Like in, in your high school, was there people that, of 

Ismail: course, and, and I, I feel like this is the magic of Cameron, right? This is why you’re so relatable. You don’t even pretend. You’re like, nah, they, they wouldn’t believe it.

And I think that’s why people are so drawn to you. And that’s why makes it so interesting to understand why you made it? Cuz a lot of people like nodding their heads, they’re playing video games. They’re not good in school. They don’t like school. They wanna succeed like you did. So like what’s the difference?

I don’t know if you can even ever answer that. It it’s 

Cameron: just continue. What, like I’ve always had that competitive nature in me. Like in sports I’ve always had competitiveness, you know, in video games, whatever it is, I’ve always had that competitiveness. So I think that’s a big piece is like, I I’m competitive.

And, and, and now like you have to re like, I am living my life, you know, like, and before it was a life of what my parents said, now it’s a life of what I get to do, you know, they don’t get to tell me what to do anymore. and so I was living my parents kind of like, which I love my parents. And they drove me in so many ways.

I’ve learned a lot from them. Whether it be, you know, good or bad, you know, and, and, but what I wanna say is that, you know, I’ve learned a lot along the way and, and trying to find like, what differs me, you know, I was going on a, a path there and, you know, I don’t know. I, I, I, I, I got to a point where I was like, my parents no longer tell me what to do.

And I think that was a big thing too, cuz I’m like, okay, now what? I’ve lived a life of like. You know, like, you know, go, you gotta go to school, you know, you gotta get up in the morning, you gotta eat breakfast, lunch, you know, make sure to ask some discipline, make sure to look nice. Now, all of a sudden I’m in the real world.

And I’m like, I don’t all of a sudden it’s mute. Everything’s gone. You know, I live with my, I live, you know, with my girlfriend. Like I, I, I have my life to live now. It’s like all of a sudden it went from like parents and life that I’m supposed to live. And this is what they wanna see outta me go to school.

You know, my dad really wanted me to go to the military. My mom was like, just make sure to go to school and be driven cuz she’s she’s a doctor or she was a doctor. You know, she was, she’s probably the smartest person I might have ever met, but I’m not. And the craziest thing is I’m not she’s my mom, but I’m adopted.

So she’s not my blood mom. But I learned so much. I mean, I remember I saw books on the table. She was taking care of me, putting a food on the table and a roof over my head. There was books on the table and she was getting her doctorate and those books on the table piled up. Like, I mean, on the pool table, across the entire pool table about, I would say like three feet high, she was writing and she had to write all these books that she was doing.

It was insane. I’d never seen anything like that. And I knew for sure that what, like that was like confirmation. Nope. Not gonna happen. 

Ismail: But it goes to your point, like, you gotta find what you’re passionate about. Like that’s what she was passionate about. You’re passionate about trading. Everybody has to find 

Cameron: that for themselves.

Exactly. And, and so, you know, realizing that and kind of living my life and now just being on my own, I’m like now I have my own life and like, I don’t have a nine to five to like, just get brainwashed in. I don’t have like, oh, I gotta do this at this time in a meeting and this, and every day it’s a meeting and this, and I gotta reply to that person and blah, blah, blah.

And then tomorrow I’m super busy and the next day I’m busy and okay, fine. That can take a little of time off. Maybe should go to lunch that day. All of a sudden, the whole week went by and you just, and he’s just like gone and you’re, and, and you’re, and in your, and I don’t just, I mean, those people are, I think have it a lot harder than me.

Okay. I’m no question in my mind, but the thing is like, I, when, when I’m looking back on that, I’m like, you know, I’m trying to get to that point where like, you know, every day I make myself, you know, better and, you know, going through that and, and realizing that this is not my life and like, It’s no one else’s life, you know, I can do whatever I, and I’m now I can literally probably do whatever I want before.

I was obviously limited to whatever. I mean financial problems, but now it’s like, I I’m living in a life where I can, I am have the financial freedom to do literally whatever I want. And, but that’s the thing is like, when you get to that point, you also realize like how life is so important. Just the little things in life, you know, creating friends, creating relationships, you know, sleeping better, creating a proper diet, good health, the little things that you, that you kind of like didn’t care about when you were a kid just yesterday, I went skiing.

Right. And I was thinking literally had this thought go through my head. And it was, you know, seeing this little kid on the mountain, like I flashed back to me for a second and I was like, My old self would be like, oh, I’m kind of scared going down the mountain. Oh, I’m kind of, you know, going down this mountain and it’s fun and it’s, I got the skis on and I’m kind of cold and let’s get home.

Now. I was up there and I was just like, literally just like looking up and seeing the stars and seeing how beautiful like the planet is and the earth. And just, just like, literally like just took a deep breath and I’m just like taking everything in cuz you only get one life. And when you’re younger things fly by when you’re older, you have the choice to do what you want.

You can’t let life fly by in terms of someone else in my mind, that’s just the way I live. You gotta create your own life and create your own opportunities and, and do that for yourself cuz you deserve it. And you know, at the end of the day, you know, taking life, you know, and looking back on it, you know, you appreciate a lot more.

When you don’t have any stress of, you know, what creates more percentages of divorces than anything else and that’s finance 

Ismail: that that’s such a perfect setup for my final question. 

[00:57:54] What is a rich life to you?

Ismail: So let me jump in here. Yeah. We talked about a lot of things, a lot of money things specifically but obviously a rich life is not just about money and you started to kind of touching on that right now.

So the last question I ask everybody is what is a rich 

Cameron: life to you? A rich life to me is good health, good friends, good family, you know and being surrounded by people that you can learn from. I don’t care if you’re, you know, I don’t care if it’s learning how to change oil. I, I, you know, or learning how to build a house or learning how to create or, you know, being better at, you know, what else, like being better at, you know, lifting weights or being better at it managing time or.

Or being better at, you know, just creating social environments or being better with your time management or, you know, being better with relationships or just being better at motivating and inspiring people being better at, you know, I could go on and on, right. But life is not. And I, and I am speaking from a place where I can comfortably say it now life is not all about money.

Okay. I mean, I I’m, I’ll be the first one to admit life is about making every day better in every aspect that you can in a healthy manner. You know, I focus a lot on my life, especially as of late. And I focus a lot on. You know, managing my time, creating happiness for myself, you know, at one point happiness was money and now obviously it’s, it’s like, it’s fun.

It’s, it’s a good adrenaline rush, but you know, I, I get more enjoyment now out of just like, you know, just creating health for myself and creating friends and creating memories. Memories is a, is one of the biggest things, creating memories with, with people that you’ll never forget. And just know that, you know, I know that there’s a lot of people out there that say, Hey, you know, I, I disagree.

Well when you, I hope that everyone listening gets to a point where I’m at, where they’re just financially well off and doing great for themselves. And you’ll go back and realize, you know, you know, you start to take life. For what it is, and I’m not stuck in an office having 50 emails flying over me, I can take a breather.

I can look at life like even right now, it’s snowing and just appreciate, you know, what’s going on around me. And you know, it’s very, very important to have everything clicking on all cylinders before you start focusing on money, money is subsidy to just success in anything I think in life, because money is something that, you know, would I have thought that 20 years ago that could be someone on that could just stream and make millions and tens of millions of dollars is gaming?

No, I would’ve never thought that the thing is, you know, if you’re, if you’re passionate about what you do, money will follow. It doesn’t have to be trading. It can just be, maybe you are you’re passionate about. Motivating people, motivational speaker in the beginning, you might start out like an and, but after 30 years go by and you’re still doing motivational speaking, and you’re still driven that just being just loving what you do should take care of the rest.

So, you know, make sure what, whatever you do in life you love and you’re passionate about, and the rest should take care of itself, especially over time. If you’re consistently passionate about it over a 10, 20, 30 year span. You know, I think that’s a, a big thing. But I mean, money is great. It creates a, I will say it’s a life is a lot less stressful now.


Ismail: you’re not stressed when you throw a million dollars in the game stop. 

Cameron: I’m not gonna lie. People ask me that even my close friends, they’re like, how the hell, like you have to be, then they’re always like, are you so stressed all the time? And I’m like, no, because. I try and trade in a point where I don’t have that pit in my stomach where I am stressed and sure.

I was, I’m not gonna lie when the socks bouncing around, you know, $5 every millisecond, and you can’t even see what’s going on on a time in sales and you have hundreds of thousands of dollars flashing up and down in seconds. Yeah. It might be a little stressful, but it’s all relative. You know, before I would’ve been stressed at 10,000, then a hundred thousand, then hopefully in the next six months to million, so on and so forth, you know, so it’s all relative.

But the most important thing of, of trading is not P and L don’t look at how much money I’m making ever. I just do it to be transparent. Always, always, always look at my percentages because that’s all that matters because everyone can relate to percentage. Very very, very few can relate to my P O man. I 

Ismail: think anyone that spends time, like watching your content or hanging down your disc group or, and hopefully even after listening to this conversation they can sense the passion that you have for helping people like trying to share your knowledge and help other people get better.

I think that’s the, not that common of a thing as it should be. So I’ll include links to everything, the show notes.

[01:03:08] Parting words by Cameron

Ismail: But is there anything specifically camera you want hand people off to, or plug 

Cameron: at the end? No, I mean, touch touching on that. Yeah. I mean, so I’m here to inspire and motivate I’m part of the 0.001%.

But I want you guys to know if you, if you wanna study, if you wanna put the time in, you know, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, I’m living proof of it. So guys just, just keep pushing, you know, I know that some of you guys might be going through a hard time. Some of you guys might be going through a great time, but again, remember the highs erase the lows make everyday better than yesterday.

That’s how I wanna leave it make every day better than yesterday at every, at every point in your life. Not just financial. 

Ismail: Awesome. Cameron, 

[01:03:51] Thank You & Wrap up!

Ismail: thank you so much. I appreciate it. I think people will get a lot of value to this conversation and I, I appreciate you making the 

Cameron: time. Yeah, man. Awesome. And there 

Ismail: you have it.

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